Full disclosure

You might be wondering how I can make this resource available for free to the business analyst community. Well, I do  generate income from this website and I want to be open and honest about how that works.  Besides, the FTC demands it…something about me possibly violating your first amendment rights.

Rest assured, I only refer products and services that I believe will be valuable to the readers here in advancing their careers.

  • I am a consultant for Clear Spring Business Analysis. I provide BA consulting services and BA mentoring.
  • I am the instructional designer and lead instructor for a wide variety of business analyst courses, provided here at Bridging the Gap.
  • I am the author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career. BTG receives royalties from sales of the print and digital versions.
  • I was a volunteer for the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), as Career Center Product Manager (international level) and VP of Marketing for the Denver Chapter.
  • BTG is an affiliate for CBAPMentor, a provider of products and services to help you study the BABOK and pass the CBAP exam.
  • I am an Amazon affiliate. I recommend books I believe will help you advance your career. Bridging the Gap makes 4-6% of any books or products you buy directly after clicking on an affiliate link. [This was previously the case. Amazon has closed all affiliate accounts in Colorado. Some links still exist. New links are individually marked and now use an affiliate code that supports non-profit work by A. Beal]
  • I received a complimentary evaluation copy of Roadmap to Success from EBG Consulting. I ran through the course nearly two times before posting my recommendation and resources page. BTG makes a commission off of purchases through our links and you get a sweet bonus.
  • BTG is an affiliate for A. Beal and “Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts” and How to Be a Star BA. Laura Brandenburg received a complimentary copy of this eBook and access to the eCourse and participated in reviewing early drafts.
  • Axure provided a complimentary copy of their wireframing product for my individual use as a consultant.
  • From time to time I publish articles on eHow (you can find these links on my about page) and I’ve opted in to receive a revenue share on this content.
  • Bridging the Gap is available through Amazon’s Kindle. Amazon collects $1/month and passes back 30 cents to the blogger.

If you find value in the experience you have here, I hope you’ll consider supporting Bridging the Gap through your actions. Pass along an interesting article to your colleagues. If you plan to purchase the products or services we recommend, consider clicking through to purchase through an affiliate link or tell them you were referred by Bridging the Gap.