From Application Support Specialist to Business Analyst

I really like how Aniket leveraged working with a tool for business analysts into an opportunity to become a business analyst himself. This is the first time I’ve heard of this particular path, but it makes so much sense! Here’s his story.

Aniket Sharma was working as an implementation engineer in the telecom domain and then moved into a role as Application Support Specialist for a Business Process Management (BPM) tool. In this latter role, he was in touch with the development team and the business users to understand the functionality of the tool and this has helped him a lot in working as a liaison between stakeholders.

After two years as an application analyst, he asked his manager for an opportunity to work as a business analyst. A new role surfaced and he was given the opportunity.

The keys to Aniket’s success included:

  • Doing a lot of independent research to learn about business analysis activities.
  • Attending a few IIBA-endorsed workshops and doing a short course on Program and Project Management from the Indian Institute of Technology.
  • Joining the Starting a BA Career LinkedIn group and reading a lot of articles at Bridging the Gap. He found that they helped his current prospects.

He would like to say that success doesn’t come by hard work, but by perseverance. Aniket encourages other aspiring business analysts to keep trying and you will certainly land in your dream role.

Find Aniket Sharma on LinkedIn.

Join me in congratulating Aniket!

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