The Future of Business Analysis: Innovation and Creativity

I started this series on “Building BA Maturity” back in January of this year and I’ve really enjoyed all the interviews and conversations with so much of the talent and insight in our community.  From Bob Prentiss to Ellen Gottesdiener.  From Peter Johnson to Thea Turray and James Taylor.  I’ve had a blast and learned […]

What can I learn from Steve Jobs?

There have been a range of reactions to the passing of Steve Jobs. Many people, myself included, have been surprised at the depth of feelings brought up by the loss. Of course, I’m sad for his family and all those who were close to him, and all his colleagues at Apple.  But I’m feeling something […]

Enterprise Analysis: Our Mount Everest

Thus far in this series of articles, we’ve surveyed the topographic terrain of Business Analysis from the local hills and valleys, with a tacit assumption of an analyst working at an application or project level and interfacing with things like rules, process, agile development teams, BA centers of excellence, and so on, all towards improving […]

Agile And The New Business Analyst Manifesto

In the cool logical realm of technology, we find no shortage of passionate “movements” that take on the fervor of religious wars or fanatical political ideologies. Mac vs PC was the big brawl back in the 80’s.  Then it was Java vs Microsoft.  And then we had the web browser wars.  And then the Human […]

Do you know the rules for Business Rules?

This installment in the Building BA Maturity series, picks up where the last one on Business Process left off.  This month, it’s all about Business Rules.  And as many of us know, in the domain of requirements gathering and definition, “Rules” truly rule.  Or, so says many a thinker in the area now commonly referred […]

Are You Suffering Acronymitis?

The acronym, a beloved tool of lazy typists everywhere.  And market driven economics, too.  Not to mention Tweets and Facebook posts.  Space is at a premium.  Time is money after all.  And for goodness sakes, who wants to type out  I n t e r n a t i o n a l   I […]

BAs in a BPM world – What We Need To Know

If you were to assess the Building Business Capability (BBC 2010) event based solely on who showed up in the vendor showcase, you might rightly conclude, the event was all about Business Process.  The main sponsors for the event are heavyweights in the BPM arena: Additional big players and tool vendors (Progress Software, AgilePoint, Experian, […]

Coming Of Age, Part 2 – Learn, Share, Stretch and Grow

As someone once said, “There’s only one thing better than learning from your own mistakes.  That’s learning from other people’s mistakes.”  And indeed, these days, with rich blogging communities like this one, and so many other forums and networking events for BAs, the ability to learn from others has increased dramatically.  In the first installment […]

Coming Of Age: Building BA Capabilities In 2011 And Beyond

Yesterday, while having lunch with a friend, the CIO of an entertainment enterprise headquartered in Central Florida, I asked what he thought about hiring BAs for his larger projects. His answer was sort of a “huh?”.  At which point, I had to backup and explain the term Business Analyst, and the role they play, and […]

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