How to Choose Project Contacts and References for the CBAP or CCBA Application

Reader Question: “I am getting ready to send in my CBAP application, and I am wondering if it’s ok to submit the same person both as project contact and reference. The person I would like to use as reference was a project manager in two of my projects and is the only person I kept […]

Does My Job Title Matter When Applying for the CBAP or CCBA?

Reader’s Question: “I’m wondering about the CBAP® certification. Is the work experience component to be 7500 hours with the title of “Business Analyst”, or do all activities that a business analyst would perform count towards these hours? For example, if you have been a BA for 2 years (4000 hours), and QA for 3 years […]

The Effectiveness of a Study Group Approach for Studying for the CBAP Exam

As many students nowadays, I graduated from college after 6 years of attendance. Being in college for that long, you definitely learn a trick or two about good studying habits. One that I personally liked and which seemed to be most useful in acquiring my CBAP® certification is Study Groups.  If you are wondering what […]

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