A BABOK Journey

Ever wondered how the BABOK Guide matches up to real business analysis experience? The BABOK is brilliant at breaking down the possibilities of business analysis and providing a route for a wide variety of project types to move through it. But you don’t notice this unless you are paying close attention.

When I was preparing for my CBAP, I learned that it had been really easy to scan the BABOK and say, “I’ve never done that.” But when I dug deeper during exam preparation, I discovered my 10+ years of business analysis experience was even more relevant than I thought.

If I twisted my view of the world just a little, I could see where I had not fully appreciated what I was able to do as a BA and often why I was able to succeed as a BA.

What’s amazing is that this activity, to deeply appreciate your experience and learn to talk about your experience in the terms that are quickly becoming standard within our profession, has great intrinsic value, even if you don’t care a darn about the CBAP.

You might find value if:

The BABOK Tasks

Here are the tasks from the BABOK v2 we were able to address before BABOK v3 was releasedUse these stories as a guidepost to discovering your own relevant business analysis career experiences.

>>Learn More About Becoming a CBAP or CCBA

Interested in becoming a CBAP or CCBA? We cover 8 steps to the CBAP certification, that will take you to just learning about the certification to successfully sitting for the exam.

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