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On the outside, it looks like you are all set.

A decent paying job. A home, perhaps children and a partner. You are living what others would consider a very “successful life.”

You are a great problem solver – brilliant really. (Yes, you are.)

Yet you like awake at night worrying about…well, about almost everything.

  • Why do you feel uneasy? Like your success is hit and miss? (Or that somehow you just got lucky.)
  • Why do you feel like that next step, the next up-level in your career, is out of reach? Or simply too much?
  • Why do you feel uncertain and anxious about your future – like the tide could change at any moment and sweep it all away?

The reason is your beliefs.

Your beliefs are out of sync with what you truly desire and say you want to achieve.

Your problem-solving, analytical mind is having a field day with your desires, picking them apart one bit at a time.

  • Telling you all the reasons they are not possible.
  • Or, even worse, convincing you that you don’t really want them in the first place.

Because of this, the goals you set might not even represent what you truly want out of life (or believe it’s OK to have).

And so you sabotage your career before you even get started going for more.

I’m Laura Brandenburg, and I’m honored to be your mentor on this journey.

And I have great compassion for where you are at. In fact, I was in your shoes just 12 months ago.

I was successful, had the skills I needed, and was even working on my mindset and starting to experience even more success.

For analysts like you and me, our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. Our ability to solve problems ensures we always have a new problem to solve, while our analytical mind picks apart and diminishes our “success.”

For me, this manifested as fear that it all could fall apart at any moment and making work much more difficult than it needed to be. As a result, I was beginning to question whether I actually wanted more for my life and career.

Then something seemingly magical happened.

I learned the universal laws of success that explain exactly how to achieve what you truly desire.  It became abundantly clear why certain successes manifested in my life and others were always out of my reach.

And it became safe to want more in my life, my business, and my career.

You, too, can learn how to leverage your analytical strengths to go after your true career goals.

The solution comes down to:

  • discovering what you truly desire (what success looks like to you),
  • getting clear on what limiting beliefs are holding you back from success, and
  • breaking through resistance to take actions to receive what you really want.

This is how you receive promotions and salary bumps and establish yourself confidently in a new role. Get the title and career path you want at work. Buy the bigger home. Get the new car. Send your children to the best schools.

Even get assigned to the best projects. And earn respect from your management and stakeholders.

Without burnout. Without simply working extra hours.

(If working long hours is your only success strategy, you ARE sabotaging your success. There is no question about this.)

If you are serious about living your best life and experiencing your best career…

  • You need a mentor to teach you how this works, step by step.
  • You need guidance on what actions to take and why to take them.
  • And you need a safe bubble of support, a community, to motivate, inspire, and celebrate with you.

You need to invest in you.

Inside the Circle of Success, you’ll master your mindset and achieve a greater level of success in your life and your career.

The Circle of Success is an online group coaching and mindset mastery program.

When you join the Circle of Success today, you’ll learn exactly how to expand your circle by:

  • shifting your mindset to get rid of limiting beliefs so you’ll make a faster and easier transition to the next level in your career,
  • taking actions to put those beliefs into reality, and
  • stepping into an actual circle – a supportive moderated online community – of other high-achieving peers who are also going after more success in their careers.

Here’s what’s included with your monthly membership in the
Circle of Success:

  • Monthly in-depth mindset teachings with Laura Brandenburg so you can uncover and change the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success (via online webinar, recordings available).
  • Monthly action steps, sent via email, to translate the monthly mindset teaching into immediate and long-term tangible success, and ensure you break through the resistance and lock in upgraded beliefs.
  • A moderated online community with prompted discussions, to create a safe “bubble” where you can discuss these concepts with like-minded professionals.
  • Individual laser coaching (in our online group setting) from Laura Brandenburg to help you break through the resistance.
  • Online access to the foundational, mindset mastery teachings. First, Goals That Guide You: How to Find Your Version of Success. And two weeks later you’ll receive – Peeling the Onion: Uncovering and Rewriting the Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back

The program is designed to pay for itself (and then some) when you join the monthly teaching (live or via replay) and invest another hour or two throughout the month taking actions and engaging in the community.

What’s more, many of the topics and challenges we’ll be discussing should actually help you free up time in your work and life so you can do more of what matters most to you.

Join the Circle of Success


Or save $167 with an Annual Membership

The support from the team is amazing. The prompts we receive from Laura as the facilitate really challenge us to dig deep at ourselves and deal with limiting beliefs. Laura is a great coach, she knows how to ask powerful questions that lead to insights.

-Thabi Zikalala


For quite some time, I harbored a doubt in my mind, which I believe is also shared by several other women. It was the constant doubt about how I was coming across in my professional setting – Am I sounding too bossy? too soft? Did I use the right tone?  As if having this doubt wasn’t dangerous enough, these questions would crop up in my head mid-sentence, as I was speaking.

Speaking with Laura, gave me the assurance that I needed. It became clear that this was a self-created mindset that was pulling me back. The choice to either promote this doubt or nip it in the bud remained with me. I walked away from my conversation with Laura, with a strong conviction that this was a self made up reality I had created in my mind. Laura gave me the mind frame to switch my mindset.  As a result, I have been delivering my ideas, options, thoughts the way I think they should be communicated – being assertive as and when needed without any trace of self doubt while doing so.

-Disha Trivedi, CBAP

There’s one important thing I want to say about this program because there is a very intentional reason this is designed as an ongoing membership program.

Shifting your mindset is not a one-time experience.

You make a shift, experience new results, and then expand to greater potential for success in your life and career.

Yet, those initial results are just the very first ripple of potential. Staying in the Circle ensures you continue to evolve and expand – and allow it to be safe to go after even more.

And sometimes, the resistance is strong.

  • There can be a learning, applying, and receiving cycle that needs a bit of time to unfold. You’ve spent a lifetime building your current beliefs, and resistance to a new set of unfamiliar beliefs is perfectly normal.
  • Your analytical mind has trained your subconscious mind to see the problem instead of the opportunity. It requires some time and investment to undo that.

Inside the Circle of Success, you’ll have support and encouragement to break through, so you don’t end up exactly where you were before. 

While there is no minimum commitment (you can cancel your membership at any time), I’d encourage you to join with the intention of investing in this work (and yourself) for at least 6 months. Or double down and make it 12 with the annual investment option.

Because here is the truth:

  • There is always another layer to peel back.
  • There is always another nuance of the truth to explore.
  • I’ve been consciously working on my mindset for years, and I always will be. I want to help you do the same.
  • And that’s why the Circle of Success is an ongoing membership program.

Join the Circle of Success

One more question you might have is what do the teachings look like? As a new member, you’ll receive access to our first 2 foundational teachings within your first month – Goals That Guide You: How to Create Your Version of Success and Peeling the Onion: Uncovering and Rewriting the Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back. 

The live monthly teachings will be developed specifically to serve the needs of our active members. Your feedback will be crucial in ensuring you receive exactly what you need to experience more success in your professional career.

Here is a sampling of the teachings you can expect to see over the next 12 months:

  • Unhooking: How to Cut Yourself Off from Toxic Energy
  • Genius Work: Make Your Work Fun, Fulfilling, and Set Yourself Up for Bigger Financial Rewards
  • Impression of Increase: How to Position Your Value to Earn More Respect
  • Einstein Time: How to Almost Magically Create More Time in Your Day
  • Career Reset: How to Recover from Challenging Situations and Go from Jaded to Motivated
  • Self-Confidence Formula: How to Promote Your Work Without Feeling Self-Promotional

Join the Circle of Success


Or save $167 with an Annual Membership

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