4 Data Modeling Techniques that Solve Tricky Project Challenges

Business analysts solve tricky, icky, sticky project challenges using data modeling techniques. There are 4 data modeling techniques you should get to know as a business analyst, so they can become part of your BA toolbox.

(By the way, we’ve put together a virtual class covering each of the data modeling techniques you need to know – Data Modeling for Business Analysts.)

  • Entity Relationship Diagram – A handy tool that helps visualize relationships between key business concepts to encourage business-focused database designs.
  • Data Dictionary – A spreadsheet format that enables you to communicate to business stakeholders clearly and in an organized way, eliminating long lists of fields inside use cases or other requirements document.
  • Data Mapping – An essential template for a data migration or data integration project that will ensure any data-related issues are discovered and resolved ahead of the last-minute data crunching that often derails big projects.
  • Glossary – Along with encouraging more effective communication among stakeholders, clarifying your requirements documents, and helping you learn about a new business domain, a glossary will make the rest of the data modeling techniques easier, as you’ll be working from a clear and unambiguous collection of terms.

Take a look through all 4 of these articles and make yourself more adept at both data modeling and handling tricky project challenges.

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We’ve published a 10-article series on getting started with data modeling, where we are covering the most frequently asked questions business analysts have about applying data modeling techniques.

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And also be sure to check out Data Modeling for Business Analysts, a virtual course where you’ll learn a structured approach for incorporating data modeling into your software development projects, even if you don’t have technical skills.

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