Bridging the Gap – Frequently Asked Questions About Our Effective Conversations Template Collection

You can view a sample of the Effective Conversations Template Collection here by clicking on the Effective Conversations Template Collection

You will receive the Effective Conversations Template Collection immediately after making the investmentThe collection is delivered via our online course platform, where you can watch the videos and review the textual conversation scripts.

We appreciate that in today’s economy, everyone is looking for the best value for their money. The Effective Conversations Template Collection is already discounted over 50% off of the list price, for a limited time. 

We do run specials from time to time, provide team training discounts for 3+ participants joining the same course from the same team, and offer past course participants a customer loyalty discount on future course investments. The best way to be sure to hear about our specials is to join our email list. 

Outside of these special offers, we have found that the financial investment for our courses and templates represents an equitable number for participants and for us. What’s more, we’ve found that making the financial investment leads to making the time investment, which leads to more successful outcomes. 

We understand that now might not be the time to make the financial investment in a course, template pack, or template collection,  and so we invite you to benefit from our expansive collection of free resources on our website until the time is right. 

All of our courses offer payment plan options and these are the best offers we can provide. We do not offer payment plans on our template toolkits, or template collections, since the entire download is delivered immediately upon making your investment.

We are a virtual organization with team members in various geographical areas within the United States, work in multiple time zones, and we offer customer and instructor support via email, online communication tools, and pre-scheduled webinar sessions.   

Because we care about our participant's success, we find the best way to communicate with customers prior to making a purchasing decision is using these same tools. If you have a specific question about our training programs that is not answered on this page, please email us at and we’ll reply as soon as we possibly can. 

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