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The Business Process Template is 1 of the 12 templates included in the Business Analyst Template Toolkit.

When you download the Business Analyst Template Toolkit today, you’ll receive 12 annotated templates, corresponding work samples, and a guidebook to walk you through exactly how to use the toolkit to increase your effectiveness as a business analyst.

  • You can use the templates and work samples as a starting point for your next project. Each template can be edited and rebranded, so you can make it look exactly as you need it to.
  • You can use the templates and work samples to assess your current business analysis specifications for potential improvements. Templates are in Word and Excel format and fully annotated, so you can review them for ideas and copy and paste what you need into your pre-existing templates.
  • You can use the templates and work samples to update your informal documentation, creating more formal work samples to present to a potential employer in a job interview.

“Your pack of BSA templates was a great moral support for me because it helped me to realise that even though I haven’t worked for a large company, I still did some work and I could relate to what others (like you Laura) have done and what the standards are.”

Dmitry M.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you’re about to receive

All 12 time-saving templates – the Business Process Template +

  • Change Request (Word) – Manage changes to scope simply and easily.
  • Data Feed Specification (Word) – Define the rules of a data or content exchange.
  • Glossary (Word, Excel) – Understand and define key business concepts.
  • Issues List (Excel) – Easily manage project issues and decisions on a project.
  • Meeting Agenda (Word) – Put together a well-planned meeting, so you get actual meaningful requirements work done.
  • Meeting Notes (Word) – Cover all the key elements, to avoid rehashing discussions and decisions.
  • Requirements Development Plan (Word) – Map out your business analysis approach and set expectations.
  • Scope Statement (Word) – This 3-page document captures the key scope decisions for high-level stakeholder sign-off.
  • Use Case (Word) – Analyze the functional requirements and discover gaps in understanding.
  • Use Case List (Excel) – Plan out the use cases you need to discover, analyze, and validate.
  • User Interface Specification (Word) – Organize complex visual details and business rules.

All templates are annotated, so you know what goes into each section, and work samples are included for reference.

What’s more, a short and quick 10-page guidebook will teach you exactly when to use each template and how to be more effective as a business analyst.

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