Unlocking Your Potential as a Business Analyst: Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils

Discover the keys to boosting your confidence, enhancing mental clarity, and unlocking your full potential as a business analyst. In this video from an exclusive LinkedIn Live session we delve into the transformative world of essential oils with renowned expert Robin Jones.

While this is outside of our normal set of topics here at Bridging the Gap, having personally experienced Robin’s mentorship, I’ve incorporated essential oils into my daily routine, reaping benefits in my professional life—from intention-setting before meetings to empowering writing sessions.

Tune into this recording to learn about the science of essential oils, tailored specifically for business analysts.

During this session, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Overcoming common mental and emotional challenges faced by business analysts, including overworking, overcompensating, and self-doubt.
  • Understanding the neuroscience and power essential oils have to rapidly shift your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, with scientific evidence to support their profound impact at a cellular level.
  • Exploring specific essential oils (with business analysts in mind) that can anchor in more confidence, self-assurance, and creativity, all while forging neural pathways that foster your success.

Prepare to be amazed by Robin Jones, an extraordinary professional who has dedicated 15 years to studying and teaching the emotional and energetic properties of essential oils. Her expertise spans across 14 languages and 26 countries, and she even certifies mental health professionals, counselors, coaches, and parents in utilizing essential oils for emotional breakthroughs.

In this live session, Robin introduced the Bridging the Gap Essential Oil Kit, which is a package of essential oils chosen specifically to help business analysts anchor in more confidence, self-assurance, and creativity, all while forging neural pathways that foster your success.

As a new doTerra member, when you make your investment in the BTG Essential Oil Kit, you’ll also receive free shipping and a free diffuser.

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(This kit is fully customizable, so you can add and delete oils if you wish. There is a minimum threshold of 150 PV to receive the free diffuser.)

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