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And since we know you are interested in improving your relationship with your stakeholders, we have a super special offer for you. We rarely ever do this, and so we can only make it available right now.

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If you...

✔ Struggle with knowing what to say in difficult situations

✔ Often kick yourself for not saying the right thing at the right time

✔ Over-think and over-prepare only to end up not saying anything at all, and feeling like you missed an opportunity to stand in your power

✔ Would like to be able to use tried-and-true communication strategies to navigate these types of sweaty-palms moments with your co-workers

Then the Effective Conversations Template Collection is for you!

You’ll receive precise guidance on exactly what to say in a wide range of difficult situations that business analysts encounter in a powerful yet diplomatic way.

"The Effective Conversations Template Collection is a good resource to help create better and more effective communications, allowing me to present my message in a way that was meaningful and easily understood by the audience.

I use these templates in my professional career for many communications with team members and with senior management. They provide me with the confidence that my message is clearly communicated, and it is taken seriously and respected.

In addition, I use this tool in my volunteering when creating letters to send out request on donations for campaigns. As a result, I'm creating informative and meaningful requests for contributions which helped to increase the incoming donations for the cause."

- Beverly Sudbury, ACBA, Business Analyst

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Here’s a look at what’s included:

You might be surprised to see you are not alone – other business analysts face the same difficulties you do. We know because these questions have come up over and over again in our training programs.

Each one of these templates was created in response to an issue that we’ve witnessed multiple business analysts face, and often faced ourselves as well.

Here’s a complete list of each of the templates included in Effective Conversations Template Collection:

Requirements Issues

  1. Product Owner Requests Enhancements at the End of a Project
  2. Stakeholder Will Not Provide Justification for a Change
  3. Critical Business Need Isn’t Technically Possible
  4. Being Accused of Not Understanding the Terminology
  5. Getting Past “I Don’t Know”

Stakeholder Issues

  1. Need Manager to Introduce You to Key Stakeholders
  2. Being Accused that Nothing is Getting Done
  3. Stakeholder Declines an Important Meeting
  4. Senior Colleague Acts Divisively in a Meeting
  5. Building Rapport with New Stakeholders Who Would Rather Email

Role Issues

  1. Being Told “This is Not Your Job”
  2. Being Accused of Opening Up Big Issues
  3. You Want to Use a New Technique
  4. You Lack Clarity on an Assignment
  5. Asked to Cut Down a Timeline

Meeting Issues

  1. Critical Stakeholder is a No-Show to an Important Meeting
  2. How to Wrap Up a Meeting
  3. Meeting Participants Do Not Have the Answers to Your Requirements Questions
  4. You Have the Wrong People in a Meeting
  5. A Meeting Runs Over Time

When you invest in the Effective Conversations Template Collection for only $147, you’ll receive:

  • All 20 conversation scripts, so you know exactly what to say.
  • All 20 corresponding videos, so you can feel into the energy of HOW to say what needs to be said.
  • 6 months of access to the video library online.

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