36 Alternative Job Titles for Business Analysts

One of the frustrating realities in our profession is that job titles are used inconsistently for business analyst jobs. Many, many job opportunities are really business analyst roles but simply have alternative job titles.

Recently I was asked, “What job titles do business analysts actually have?” So I decided to create this article with a list of other business analyst job titles.

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Of course, once you find a job opportunity with one of these titles, you’ll want to look at the actual responsibilities to see if it’s really, truly, a business analyst role, but this list of titles should get you started even further expanding the options available to you as a business analyst.

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Business Process Analyst
  3. Functional Analyst
  4. Product Owner
  5. Product Manager
  6. Project Manager
  7. IT Project Coordinator
  8. Information Technology Lead
  9. Information Technology Manager
  10. Systems Analyst
  11. Business Systems Analyst
  12. Systems Architect
  13. Process Analyst
  14. Process Coordinator
  15. IT Business Analyst
  16. Process Owner
  17. Usability Analyst
  18. User Experience Designer
  19. Business Consultant
  20. Management Consultant
  21. Agile Analyst
  22. Business Solution Architect
  23. Chief Information Officer
  24. Process Architect
  25. Subject Matter Expert
  26. Digital Media Consultant
  27. Operations Specialist
  28. Insights Analyst
  29. Compliance Manager
  30. Data Analyst
  31. Technical Data Analyst
  32. Enterprise Architect
  33. Business Architect
  34. Enterprise Solutions Designer
  35. Information Architect
  36. Business Intelligence Analyst

And our readers have added a few more:

  • Technical Writers
  • Technical Communications Analyst
  • Enterprise Process Engineer
  • Agile Business Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Research Executive

And don’t overlook the dozens of variations with a functional, system, industry or other area of expertise along with the title “Business Analyst,” like Salesforce Business Analyst, Healthcare Business Analyst, SAP Business Analyst, just to name a few.

Business analysis is not about the job titleAnd I’ve worked with plenty of business analysts who have never had the job title and many who didn’t even realize there is an official title and profession for the work they’ve been doing for years.

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