Getting Out From Under a Never-Ending To-Do List: Kenji F.

Maybe you get an incredible amount of work done, but it never feels like enough.

Perhaps your to-do list is always growing, no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in.

Maybe you are drowning under the burden of managing your career, being there for your family, and just want a tip or two to get a few more things done.

Today – meet Kenji.

Kenji joined the Circle of Success in January 2019, and since then he’s experienced many wins.

Watch to learn how Kenji:

  • Said “no” to many “to-dos” to say “yes” to what mattered most.
  • Reframed limiting beliefs that kept him busy all the time but limited his impact.
  • Brought his new mindset around time to his family.

And please join me in celebrating Kenji and all his successes!


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