Professional Development for BAs: Worksheets and Templates

Did you purchase the print, Kindle, or Nook version of Professional Development for Business Analysts but want access to the electronic worksheets? You are in the right place!

With the electronic worksheets and templates you can:

  • Fill in your information electronically;
  • Save multiple versions of each document to your computer;
  • Edit documents multiple times;
  • Share your work with mentors or colleagues.

All worksheets are editable PDFs. All templates are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. In this package, you’ll receive the following worksheets and templates:

  • Worksheet: How to Complete a Competency Assessment
  • Worksheet: Discover and Communicate Your Value
  • Worksheet: Making the Most of Your Positive Feedback
  • Worksheet: Prepare for an Informational Interview
  • Template: Competency Assessment
  • Template: Professional Development Action Plan

Ready to Get Started?

Click the link below to download the zip file that includes the worksheets and templates.

Professional Development for BAs – Worksheets and Templates (Zip File)

Thanks for your purchase of Professional Development for Business Analysts! As always, I wish you the best success as a business analyst and I look forward to helping you in any way you can.

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Laura Brandenburg, CBAP