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The Senior Business Analyst – 6 Areas of Responsibility

Are you wondering if you’d be qualified for a Senior Business Analyst position? Or perhaps you’ve been a business analyst for a while, and you are wondering how you can get promoted to a Senior Business Analyst role? While senior business analyst roles vary widely from one organization to another, in this post, we’ll talk […]

What Business Analyst Skills are Important for a New BA?

Discover the most critical business analysis skills for new BA – including core skills, business analysis skills, soft skills, and skills that can be required for specific types of BA jobs.

42 Reasons To Start a Business Analyst Career

Business analysis might sound interesting, but is it the right career option for you?

5 Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst

Plan out your next step into a business analysis career. Don’t miss the FAQ at the end which highlights the concerns we receive most often. After working with hundreds of course participants and clients, chances are we have your career situation covered!

53 Tips For Discovering All the Requirements

Are you wondering what concrete steps you can take to make sure you don’t overlook requirements on your next project? In business analysis, the set of techniques used to discover the requirements is called elicitation. For the most part, elicitation is a fancy word for asking a lot of questions and getting clarity on the answers. But it […]

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