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The Gnarly Part: How to Drive Through Complexity to Create Successful Projects

Just about every project has a gnarly part, a time when making it through to the end successfully seems like a distant dream.  It’s important to be aware that you are in the gnarly part of the project, trust that this happens to everyone, and explore multiple paths forward. The “gnarly part” might seem an […]

Getting beyond our rivalry with project managers

I attended the Denver IIBA meeting last month.  Wonderful meeting and I found myself rejuvenated by the excitement within the profession.  One thing struck me as quite funny.  There were several jokes made about project managers. They were light and in good taste, but they definitely created an air of “wow, isn’t life grand not […]

Familiar territory is the stomping ground for false assumptions

I had a painful reminder of the “Ass-u-me” lesson earlier today.  I was scheduled to meet a contact in downtown Denver.  Not just any contact, but someone I was really, really looking forward to getting to know and learn more about their business.  In his email, he carefully listed the cross-streets and telephone number of […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Technology Project

Many times we are so excited to implement a new idea or solve a recently elevated business problem that we forget to stop for a moment and reflect on the direction we are taking.  I know you’ve been there.  The pieces of the puzzle finally fit together and you know exactly how to move forward.  […]

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