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And since you are interested in use cases, we have a super special offer for you on our popular online course – Use Cases and Wireframes.

Use Cases and Wireframes Online Course
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If you are looking for an easier way to identify requirements for software systems, the two essential techniques you need to know are use cases and wireframes.

When you write your functional requirements in use cases and visually model them in wireframes, you create the perfect combination to get your business stakeholders and technical implementers on the same page about the requirements.

Use cases are a type of requirements specification that captures exactly how a user will interact with a software system to achieve a specific goal.
  • Software developers find them easy to work from when designing and implementing code.
  • Testers love them as they provide exactly the information they need to create test cases.
  • Even more important, your business stakeholders will actually understand your software requirements if you document them in use cases.

When working with an agile software development team, it’s likely you’ll break up your use cases into user stories as part of detailing out the items on a product backlog. And your use cases (or the practice of thinking in use cases) will give you the big picture context you need to thread together the long list of user stories that make up a typical product backlog.

Wireframes (also referred to as user interface prototypes or mock-ups) capture how the screens of the software system might look, and help provide visual context for software requirements.

Everyone loves a wireframe because they are able to see exactly what a software screen might look like, even before it’s implemented. With a quickly created wireframe, you’ll clear up dozens of miscommunication issues before they even have the chance to plague your project.

Learn how to create use cases,
user stories, and wireframes
in this 12-credit online course

To help you apply these use cases and wireframes together as part of a more formal, structured analysis process, we’ve put together Use Cases and Wireframes.

This is a 12-credit, instructor-supported, online course that will walk you through exactly how to analyze and specify functional requirements by combining these two super-power techniques, and also how to break a use case apart into user stories for those of you working on agile teams.

When you go through the course, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to understand what actually needs to happen on your software projects.

You’ll work through the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to Use Cases and Wireframes – Learn exactly when and why to use these techniques, and how they fit into a typical business analyst’s requirements process.
  2. How to Analyze Functional Requirements in a Use Case – Learn to draft a use case that describes exactly what the software needs to do.
  3. How to Create a Wireframe – Learn to create a simple wireframe, making it easier for stakeholders to see what the requirements in your use case mean.
  4. Use Cases and User Stories in Agile – Learn to communicate functional requirements using a product backlog and user stories, which are common techniques in an agile software development environment.
  5. How to Make Sure a Use Case is Clear and Complete – Learn to correct against the most common mistakes to make sure you don’t overlook any requirements.
  6. How to Review and Validate a Use Case and Wireframe – Learn how to review and validate your use case with both business and technical stakeholders and apply these techniques in different real-world product, project, and solution scenarios.

BONUS Lesson – Simulated Use Case Review Session – Hear how a business analyst facilitates a use case review session, asks clarifying questions, and validates the functional requirements.

No technical knowledge or fancy tools required

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether you need to know how to write code in order to analyze requirements in use cases and wireframes. You most definitely do not! These techniques enable you to communicate with developers more clearly about what the business actually wants the software to do, so they can design and build what the business wants.

  • In a use case, you document the aspects of the software that are visible to a business user, and logically break down the requirements into an end-to-end flow that uncovers otherwise missed requirements.
  • Then you create simple, low-fidelity wireframes using drag-and-drop tools (free trials are available) that elicit a “yes, but” response from your stakeholders that literally pulls information out of their heads and into the requirements. (As in yes I’d like to see a registration form, but don’t we need to ask for more information.)

If you’ve used these techniques before and not gotten these kinds of results, it’s likely that either you didn’t get the syntax of the use case right, or you went too deep into the details with the wireframes. Inside the course, you’ll learn the practical application of these tools that enable you to solve and avoid these kinds of critical mistakes.

I’ve written and reviewed hundreds of use cases in my business analyst career and helped hundreds of business analysts learn these techniques for the first time. What’s more, you have access to our certified instructors to get your questions answered and documentation reviewed, and so you’ll have lots and lots of support to be sure you get this right.

“I’m now seven weeks into my new BA role and enjoying it. As I become more familiar with the system, the client, and internal processes, I find it truly rewarding. This class has really assisted me.  The feedback Laura provided was insightful and I will be sure to refine my uses cases to include her comments to avoid later modifying them when “buttons” in the system change – what a concept! Again, thank you for your efforts in reviewing this – it is a positive review and provides a lot of room for growth.” – Sheryl Armstrong

How the self-paced, virtual course works

When you join Use Cases and Wireframes today, you’ll be starting a self-paced, virtual course that will walk you through all 5 lessons. You get the luxury of working through the materials on your own schedule and applying them in your own work.

But that’s not enough. I want to take you beyond just learning the material…and right into action.

  • I’m going to give you templates and sample files for all of the models we cover so you can get a quicker start on your own business process analysis.
  • You’ll also receive email access to our certified, expert instructors who can answer any questions you have about applying the coursework in your real-world project environment.

Lessons cover core analysis techniques

We cover the core analysis techniques in a series of video, audio, and written lessons.

  • You’ll receive access to new lessons every week, each covering a new set of strategies.
  • Lessons are provided in mp4 video and mp3 audio format so you can stream them or download them to your mp3 player and listen when it’s convenient for you.
  • Full-text PDF transcripts are also provided so you don’t have to take detailed notes, or if you want to quickly refer back to a key point. These are also great for comprehension if English is your second language.

Video lessons are all less than an hour, so they are easy to incorporate into your workday or commute.

(Since these lessons are available for you at any time, there’s no need to reschedule your work commitments or weekend plans and you can fully participate in the course regardless of where in the world you live or what time zone you are in. Simply carve out an hour or two each week to work through them when it’s convenient for you.)

But there’s another component of the course that is essentially important. So let’s talk about that next.

Templates and swipe files give you a quick start

We want to be sure you have everything you need to apply these analysis strategies in your business analyst work. That’s why you’ll receive several templates, swipe files, and checklists to support your analysis and communication.

  • Use Case Template & Sample
  • Wireframe Elements – Quick Reference Guide
  • Wireframe Samples & Swipe Files
  • User Story Template & Sample
  • Product Backlog Template & Sample
  • Use Case Language Checklist
  • Review and Validate – Meeting Template
  • Use Case Review Session – Opening Script to Set the Stage

And of course, the templates and swipe files are editable so you can add content from your own business domain and show them to your business stakeholders and end users.

“I found the course quite informative – the templates that were given as part of the course material were so helpful. Thank you very much for providing the course, it was a milestone in refining my BA skills.” – Erick Zambrano

Gain confidence with
confidential instructor feedback
on your real-world project work

One of the biggest challenges with any course is incorporating what you have learned theoretically into your real life at work. The unique Bridging the Gap learning model is specifically designed to take you beyond book learning and into actually implementing a better business analysis approach.

  • First, you receive access to our certified instructors to ask any question about the course materials or how to apply use case and wireframing techniques in your real-world project work via email and instructor office hours.
  • Second, this confidential on-hand support lasts for a full 90 days, so you have plenty of time to receive support on a variety of real-world project situations.
  • Third, guidance is provided on your actual project work, not a fictitious case study, so you don’t have to do something ‘extra’ just to benefit from or complete the course. (And if you aren’t currently working as a business analyst, don’t worry, we provide plenty of scenarios for you to apply use cases and wireframes outside a formal BA role.)

As a participant in Use Cases and Wireframes, you’ll translate learning into experience with unprecedented, confidential access to our trusted mentors.

“The homework and the feedback was invaluable, especially since I’ve never had a BA to review or work with in any of my jobs. You come away with new tools, insight into your development of the skill-set, and confidence that, yes, you actually can do this!” – Tatiana Govoni

How you can earn
PDs, CDUs, or PDUs/Contact Hours

The Use Cases and Wireframes course has been endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) for 12 PDs or CDUsBridging the Gap has also been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)Bridging the Gap has agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria. Successful completion of Use Cases and Wireframes qualifies for 12 PDUs/Contact Hours.

Your professional credits are backed up by a Certificate of Completion, which you can also use to prove to your employer that you finished the course successfully.

You’ll earn a Certificate of Completion by completing a workbook that includes examples of each technique, and you have a full 90 days to complete and submit your workbook.


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“This course was excellent for me, who has had no experience with Use Cases or Wireframes until now. I had read some articles and looked at examples of Use Cases, but still had a hard time getting comfortable with writing good content. I learned how to write the Use Case so the wording and steps are understandable.  I found Laura’s review and feedback of my work to be invaluable. After taking the course, I landed a job at an organization where use cases are a standard deliverable. I came into the interview looking intelligent because of this course and particularly the feedback.” – John Jones

“I would like to thank you for the course. From all the courses that I have taken with Bridging the Gap, I found this course the most helpful. The others have been great as well especially since I am new to Business Analysis but this course was the most helpful probably because I created my first BA deliverable :). So Thank You!” – Ashwini Kamath

Here’s a quick summary of everything you are about to receive

With Use Cases and Wireframes, you’ll have everything you need to create clear and complete software requirements that your business stakeholders can meaningfully approve and your technical stakeholders can implement.

You’ll be building experience in a time-tested and valuable skill, while also building underlying analysis skills that will be valuable for your entire career.

Let’s take a quick look at everything you are about to receive when you join Use Cases and Wireframes today:

  • 7 lessons covering use cases and wireframes and a bonus expert role play review session.
  • MP4 videos, downloadable MP3 audios, and full-text PDF transcripts.
  • Weekly guidepost emails to help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Templates, samples, swipe files, worksheets, quick reference guides, and exercises so you can cement your learning.
  • Instructor feedback on your use cases, user stories, and wireframes as documented in your workbook. (Kept confidential.)
  • Certificate of Completion (provided requirements are met).
  • 12 PDs/CDUs/PDUs/Contact Hours for PMI or IIBA® certification or re-certification.
  • 90 days of support with direct email access to our certified instructors, as well as twice-per-month instructor hours.
  • 6 months of online access to the course materials. (You can also download them for future use.)

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Use Cases and Wireframes
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This is a premium program that’s more flexible and interactive than any type of training out there – and yet the investment pales in comparison to a college course.

And unlike a college course, you get the theory AND the practical learning about how these techniques work out in a real-world setting – the type of practical, realistic approaches that employers are looking for.

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“I’ve only completed a few of the modules in this course and I’ve already noticed a tremendous impact on my work product. The assignments provided allowed me to make adjustments which our developers have described as ‘valuable’ and ‘just what I needed!’; which, you may know, is hard to come by from a developer.” – Andrea

Remember, if you want a different result in your career, then you have to be willing to take some type of different action.

  • Think about how your career will be different when you can truly get your business and technology stakeholders on the same page about the requirements, and reduce the back and forth flip-flopping you might be facing now.
  • How about what you can do to make your software requirements process more iterative and agile, while still ensuring your analysis is complete?
  • How about when you receive real-time feedback from our expert instructors on your use case, user story, and wireframes work so you know you are actually applying best practices? What would be possible then?

Finally, let me be clear on something. I’m not a career magician. The techniques we teach in this course are time-tested, standard techniques that are prevalent throughout the industry. And the kind of analytical thinking you learn to do in use cases will serve you as long as you are helping solve problems with technology.

This was the first technique I learned as a business analyst. And if you gave me only one technique to get everyone on the same page about the requirements, I’d choose a use case in a heartbeat.

If you’re ready to completely transform how you discover, analyze, and validate software requirements and gain confidence in your business analysis skills, while also learning techniques that are considered core, essential skills for today’s business analysts, join us today.

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One Payment of $1297 $997 USD

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I think you are going to love yourself for making this investment in you and your career. See you in class.

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