The luck of the business analyst

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s chat about the luck of a business analyst. Because every once in a great, great while, you might actually get lucky as a business analyst. Here’s what that might look like.

  • good-luckYour business stakeholders answer your questions in clear and precise requirements language, making writing your good requirements a breeze.
  • Your technical stakeholders show up to a requirements meeting seeking only to learn about what the business wants, and never once complains about how impossible the requirements will be to implement.
  • Your project manager gives you copious amounts of time to discover the business needs and create a business analyst plan, before ever even mentioning that horrible thing we call a deadline.
  • Your project sponsor avoids talking about solutions, and clearly shares exactly what their business objectives are.
  • And, the best luck of all is when everyone shows up to a meeting right on time, having read the documentation ahead of time and fully prepared to discuss only the most legitimate concerns they have.

Who needs the luck of the Irish when you can experience the luck of a business analyst!

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