How to Translate Your Skills into Business Analysis

I have been talking with a number of people who want to become business analysts.  One of the biggest hurdles seems to be how to translate your work experience into business analyst ‘speak’ for your resume.

So, say you worked on a project but your role was not titled project manager or business analyst.

I would ask you this:

  • Did you plan the project?
  • Did you follow steps to complete it?
  • Was it successful?
  • What were the benefits to the company?
  • Did you gather a set of ‘requirements’ that needed to be completed?
  • Did you interact with people through one-on-one sessions, large meetings, surveys, or job shadowing?
  • Did you talk about the route to get to the finish line?
  • Did you determine if there were gaps that needed to be addressed?
  • Did you negotiate with stakeholders/team members?
  • Did you test the process?
  • Did you work as a team?

If you re-examine what you did in each of your projects – I will bet that you followed a number of these steps.

So, what job title do you give yourself on your business analyst resume?  Does it sound like a business analyst role or a project management role?  Were you working at process re-engineering?

Once again, if you think about it, you probably acted as a BA or a PM.

But you say, “Oh, that doesn’t count.”

But it does!  You set up a plan – which you followed.  You performed research. You negotiated. You found gaps and you identified and closed them. You had a goal and you achieved it.

Count yourself in.  Count on you.  Have another look at your roles and business analysis project experiences, and think about how to highlight them in your business analyst resume.

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  1. Nandini Ramesh says

    Hello Michelle,

    I have held a position as a Master Data Analyst for the past several years and am looking to extend my experience into BA. I am currently enrolled in an online certification for BAs. My resume is predominantly Master Data Analysis in SAP. What do you suggest that I do to make my resume more BA friendly?

  2. Hello Micheal,

    I am a qualified solicitor with over 10 years experience and i am seriously thinking of changing my career path. What would you suggest is the best starting point into a BA career? I do not any IT qualifications so i am not sure if this will be a hindrance.

  3. Michael Mullen says

    Thanks Tom and Michelle, these are some great suggestions. I am working on it as we speak. Transferring counseling and case management skills are a little more challenging to highlight me as a viable candidate. All the articles are great and helpful.

  4. Michelle Swoboda says

    Hi Michael,
    Tom has given you some great suggestions.
    I have another one, look up some job posting on google and read them through. Use those as samples to start working towards on your resume.

  5. michael mullen says

    Hi Michelle,
    Your insight is great. I am currently applying for several PM and BA positions but never held the title of BA or PM before. These are my dream jobs. I obtained a MBA last fall. I also have a BS in Health Care Management. I am not very good with highlighting soft skills on a resume/cover letter. Any kind of help would be great. I have been working as an In Home Counselor and Case Manger in social services for the past 6 years.

  6. Michelle says

    Hi Tom
    You will get there. I have no worries at all.

  7. Sounds like I need to run through my experiences again…..

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