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I’m Laura Brandenburg, ACBA, CBAP, and with over 20 years of experience working with business analysts, I’ve had the honor to help over 3748 business analysts maximize their potential.

Because of that experience, I’ve had the privilege to author the best-selling book, How to Start a Business Analyst Career, keynote at multiple industry conferences, and create The Business Analyst Blueprint® training program.

At Bridging the Gap, our online training programs are designed specifically to help you become a confident, sought-after business analyst and maximize your career and salary potential.

Laura Brandenburg

Here’s What Our Participants Have to Say

"After I was hired I was reviewing documents for the new job, especially use case documents, and noticed how familiar they were! They were copies (the template) I used and presented in my portfolio during my interview for the job! The project manager liked them so much he presented them to the Data Architect to use.”

Kevin Blum

"I wrote my first use case to help the business partners understand how we could use Salesforce's person account. I had business partners saying “I’ve never ever seen it done this way and this is fantastic."

Jami Moore, ACBA, Sr. IT Business Analyst

"I got opportunity to use some of these techniques in my current project like Use Cases. The team was very much impressed by the documentation I had done and the outcome were much better than my previous brainstorming sessions."

Rachana Dharpure

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