Getting Started with Data Modeling (10-Part Series)

data_modelingIn today’s information rich world, the data component of software projects is increasing in importance. As a result, more and more business analyst job descriptions are including data modeling skills as requirements.

Here are 10 articles to help you get started with data modeling. These are perfect if you want to brush up on data modeling or get fresh ideas to improve your business analyst work.

(By the way, we’ve also put together a virtual class covering the most critical data modeling techniques you need to know – Data Modeling for Business Analysts.)

But onto the articles!

If you already know something about data modeling, take a look as you might find some fresh ideas.

And here are articles describing four of the core data modeling techniques that we cover in Data Modeling for Business Analysts because they can help you solve tricky project challenges:

  • Glossary – for clarifying terminology and simplifying data modeling.
  • Entity Relationship Diagram – to visualize relationships between key concepts.
  • Data Dictionary – to communicate data requirements in a well-organized way.
  • Data Mapping – to resolve data issues for data migration or integration projects.

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