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Use Cases and Wireframes

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If you are looking for an easier way to identify requirements for software systems, the two essential techniques you need to know are use cases and wireframes.

When you write your functional requirements in use cases and visually model them in wireframes, you create the perfect combination to get your business stakeholders and technical implementers on the same page about the requirements.

Use cases are a type of requirements specification that captures exactly how a user will interact with a software system to achieve a specific goal.
  • Software developers find them easy to work from when designing and implementing code.
  • Testers love them as they provide exactly the information they need to create test cases.
  • Even more important, your business stakeholders will actually understand your software requirements if you document them in use cases.
Wireframes (also referred to as user interface prototypes or mock-ups) capture how the screens of the software system might look, and help provide visual context for software requirements.

Everyone loves a wireframe because they are able to see exactly what a software screen might look like, even before it’s implemented.

With a quickly created wireframe, you’ll clear up dozens of miscommunication issues before they even have the chance to plague your project.

Use Cases and Wireframes is a
virtual course

To help you apply these use cases and wireframes together as part of a more formal, structured analysis process, we’ve put together Use Cases and Wireframes. This is a virtual course that will walk you through exactly how to analyze and specify functional requirements by combining these two super-power techniques.

When you go through the course, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to understand what actually needs to happen on your software projects.

You’ll receive the following lessons:

  1. How to Write a Use Case – Learn to draft a use case that describes exactly what the software needs to do.
  2. How to Create a Wireframe – Learn to create a simple wireframe, making it easier for stakeholders to see what the requirements in your use case mean.
  3. How to Make Sure a Use Case is Clear and Complete – Learn to correct against the most common mistakes to make sure you don’t overlook any requirements.
  4. How to Apply Use Cases and Wireframes in Different Scenarios – From customizing commercial off-the-shelf products to working in agile, you’ll learn how to apply the 5-step process for getting a use case and corresponding wireframe from draft to validated.

BONUS Lesson – Simulated Use Case Review Session – Hear how a business analyst facilitates a use case review session, asks clarifying questions, and validates the functional requirements.

Registration is currently closed while we revamp the course. When it comes back in Spring 2018, it will be a 12-credit course with new video content and expanded content on user stories. The investment will be $997.

Join the waiting list and be the first to know when enrollment is open again.



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