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Aaron has over 27 years of Business and IT experience, including 14 years of business analysis and 14 years of consulting experience. He is an avid Business Analyst, Project Manager, Software Developer, Blogger, Mentor, Trainer and Presenter. Aaron is an active member of the IIBA® and has earned his Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) designation.

5 Transferable Soft Skills That Will Catapult Your BA Career Forward

Many of the writers here at Bridging the Gap have written about using transferable skills to transition into a Business Analysis career. Laura Brandenburg’s theme is assisting people in starting and transitioning to Business Analysis. In her article, 5 Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst, Step Two is to identify transferable skills.  In Building Critical Stakeholder […]

How Do I Find a Business Analyst Mentor?

Reader’s Question: I have been working in the medical and spa industry for over 10 years. It seems every position I have involves some BA type duties from rewriting policy and procedure manuals to doing efficiency studies. I need to find a mentor to assist me in turning all this random experience into a BA […]

How Do I Extract Business Rules from Legacy Systems?

We have two readers ask similar questions of our Help A BA! staff concerning extracting business rules from legacy systems; so let’s help them both out. Reader 1: As rules are mostly hardcoded and code walkthrough is too time consuming in mainframe systems, what is the best way to extract business rules from legacy systems […]

How Do You Collect Requirements for a Reporting System?

Reader question: “How do people go about collecting report requirements from clients and trying their best to reduce overheads whilst still fulfilling the data needs? I know there has been a big drive recently for Green IT and how companies can reduce their carbon footprint, is this a tactic that should be used? In addition, […]

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