About Adriana Beal

Adriana is a recognized leader in the business analysis community, often invited to speak at IIBA events. She received her B.S. in electronic engineering and MBA in strategic management of information systems from two of the most prestigious graduate schools in Brazil, and offers consulting assistance throughout the software development life cycle for organizations implementing large, complex software projects. Her ebook Measuring the Performance of Business Analysts has made many organizations change the way they look at performance measurement and raised thousands of dollars for charitable causes. More about her profile can found at adrianabeal.com

Missed requirements: how to avoid this BA nightmare

Author: Adriana Beal Some time ago, I received a call from an IT manager from a large NY-based company. This manager (let’s call him John) wanted my help in Phase 2 of a project whose first phase had experienced serious cost overruns.  The purpose of the project was to customize an off-the-shelf content management system […]

How to Use Feedback to Become an Expert in Requirements Documentation

Author: Adriana Beal Participants who complete Crafting Better Requirements may have very different educational and professional backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they leave the course with a unique set of strategies to successfully communicate requirements to the various audiences of their requirements documents. Let’s look at the improvements a few selected […]

Why Writing a Software Requirements Specification is a Valuable Analyst Skill

Author: Adriana Beal If you are a BA working on the IT space, you may be responsible for creating multiple deliverables, many of them intermediate documents such as meeting minutes and as-is/to be business models. You may also be in charge of producing important and high-visibility requirements specifications such as a Vision document describing the […]

How to Move From IT to Business Analysis

Author: Adriana Beal You are a good software engineer, database manager, or software quality assurance professional who recently discovered that business analysis is the role you enjoy the most. How do you go from a technical role to a business analysis role? This is a problem faced by many aspiring business analysts, and even by […]

How to Successfully Sell Your initiatives to Your Boss

Author: Adriana Beal In my previous article for Bridging the Gap, I wrote about the importance of right-sizing your initiatives to get beyond a career plateau as a business analyst. A reader left a comment saying, “if your management listens, you can think about taking initiative, else, its just a waste of time and energy”. […]

How to Get Beyond a Limited Business Analyst Role

Author: Adriana Beal It’s common for me to receive emails from business analysts who are feeling frustrated with their current situation at work, all related to the same theme: the limited business analyst role they are given in their organizations. Frequent complaints include: In my company the BA is involved in projects only when all […]

Building a better business analysis practice

Author: Adriana Beal John Davis writes: We’ve been looking at IAG’s BA Benchmark 2009 that deals with the impact of poor requirements practices on project and organisational success. Short of hiring a company such as IAG, how can we as BAs best help our organisation – or a client organisation for those of us in […]

Managing ambiguity – a key business analyst competency

Author: Adriana Beal Among the many competencies that business analysts need to develop in order to advance their careers, the ability to manage ambiguity is undoubtedly a critical one. The rapid changes that happen internally and externally to organizations require business analysts to become comfortable acting in an environment in which uncertainty and change are […]

Requirements As the Main Focus of Business Analyst Work

Author: Adriana Beal In discussions about the role of the business analyst, it is common to see professionals insisting on the importance of “going beyond requirements” when describing the BA work. These analysts argue that BA activities such as enterprise analysis and process improvement indicate the need for a broader description. Being myself a consultant […]

Expanding the Business Analyst Role — Good or Bad?

Author: Adriana Beal One of the topics that appear to be on the mind of many business analysts lately is the expansion of the business analysis role. How can a BA make a difference in his/her organization, perhaps going beyond conventional analysis to become a visionary? What are the challenges a BA may need to […]

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