About Adrian Reed

Adrian Reed is a Consulting Lead Business Analyst who is passionate about the analysis profession. He is Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions, and he has built a reputation for creativity and innovation in his work.

Adrian is a keen speaker, author and blogger. He is a director of the UK Chapter of the IIBA, and a member of the team that runs Pragnalysis.com (a site providing a free BA toolkit including templates). Adrian is a true advocate of the analysis profession, and is constantly looking for ways of promoting the value that good analysis can bring.

You can follow Adrian on Twitter or read his blog.

3 Elicitation Techniques You Can Do Without Stakeholder Access

Imagine the scene: A significant project is underway, and you are leading the detailed analysis.  You create your business analysis work-plan, and decide to start the initial requirements elicitation by meeting and interviewing a few key stakeholders.  You then plan to hold a series of workshops to refine the requirements and obtain sign off, perhaps […]

Make Your Requirements Atomic!

I have to admit that I have a rather eclectic music collection, with tracks covering almost every conceivable genre. Every time I hit the “Shuffle” button on my MP3 player, there’s a tense moment of jeopardy. Will the next track be by an epic rock legend, or will it be a remix of some trashy […]

Help Your Stakeholders Leave Their Rank at the Door: 6 Workshop Levelers

A well facilitated workshop can be an extremely good opportunity to bring stakeholders together, brainstorm and discuss potential ideas and requirements.  Great workshops are often creative, high-energy and fun.  They should provide stakeholders with equal “air time” to raise their views, concerns or requirements…  At least that is the theory! However, we’ve probably all had experiences where […]

The Forgotten Art of Document Analysis: 8 Documents That Can Help You Ask All the Right Questions

Elicitation can be a tricky activity.  Often when needing to understand the requirements for a particular project, the temptation is to jump straight into facilitating a requirements workshop or holding stakeholder interviews.  The challenge, of course, is getting enough stakeholder time, and knowing which questions to ask with the limited time available.  Understandably, business stakeholders […]

The Tough Truth: Your Stakeholders Don’t Want a BA

One thing that I’m confident that readers of this site will agree on is that good quality business analysis can add significant value throughout a project’s lifecycle.   But let me ask you a question.  Have you ever found that some stakeholders just don’t “get” business analysis?  They just want to implement a tactical, messy solution […]

How to Avoid 7 Common Workshop Pitfalls

OK – I admit it.  One of my favourite parts of the BA role is facilitating workshops.  I love being able to coax ideas out of people’s unconscious mind and I love the co-operation, creativity and healthy tension that present themselves in a good workshop.   Executed well, a workshop is a valuable use of stakeholder […]

6 Simple Tips for Building a Professional Network

Professional networking is an important skill that offers many benefits. It enables you to stay in touch with your peers and other professionals, and is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques that other analysts are using. In my previous article on protecting and building your business analysis career, I […]

8 Provocative Questions that Encourage Lateral Thinking

At the start of many projects we are in a state of natural ignorance, as we don’t yet know what we don’t know.  This is especially true when defining a problem or strategy or eliciting requirements.  It is extremely valuable to uncover as much relevant information early in a project’s lifecycle, so that we can […]

How to Use a Project Journal to Keep Track of Your BA Work

As Business Analysts, we are professional change practitioners.  We are experts in the field of “change” and should expect to add maximum value to the organisations we work for.  To be effective in this role I believe we must manage change in our own professional development and take every opportunity to reflect on our experiences, […]

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