Disha Trivedi, CBAP

Bridging the Gap Instructor

About Disha Trivedi, CBAP - Bridging the Gap Instructor

Disha Trivedi has been performing business analysis for 7 years and continuously seeks ways to improve her practice of business analysis. Her key interests lie in using BA techniques and tools to help teams reach a common understanding of the project, and more essentially, avoid the gap in communications caused by the innate limitations of the teams. Currently, she is serving as the Secretary for the South Florida IIBA chapter.

CBAP Application Worksheet

How many of you have gone through the CBAP application/handbook only to get overwhelmed by the CBAP application – especially the part where you need to provide your work history details? I am sure several of us have done that.  I too have been guilty of procrastinating, mainly because of the daunting task of first […]

Starts July 22, 2021

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