About DougGtheBA

Doug Goldberg is a Senior Business Analyst in the Dallas, TX, USA market. He has 15 years experience as an analyst in application development for financial, health care and technology companies. He has also programmed Java/J2EE for a period of time.

Additionally, Doug is an avid business analyst mentor both online and in-person, a facilitator for CBAP study groups, an active guest blogger, and the current VP of Professional Development for the Dallas Chapter of the IIBA.

Diary of a CBAP Seeker: Passing the CBAP Exam the Second Time

Editor’s Note: I’m honored to have long-time Bridging the Gap author Doug Goldberg back to finish the CBAP Diary he started sharing here back in 2010. Congrats to Doug!! A long time ago, back when I first started working with Laura and Bridging the Gap, I sat for the CBAP exam and failed. In December […]

The Second Ingredient That All Successful Business Analysts Possess

I’ve always been a big proponent of relationships and relationship building as the number one factor, at least in my view, for a successful analyst. They are critical to the work we do and require a significant amount of time and attention to finesse and hone. In my travels away from Bridging the Gap, I […]

Why Terminology is Important

We ask the questions that people having been avoiding for years while they were trying to look smart. I read an article today from our respected colleague, Yaaqub Mohamed about the importance of data analysis as part of a good analyst’s tool belt. Well that is not exactly how he put it, but you get […]

Is There a Place for Business Analysis in a Non-Profit Organization?

Reader question: My past 25 years of work experience has been in the not-for-profit sector, in both program work as well as various IT roles. A part of this work that I have enjoyed very much is when I have had the opportunity to help the organization I was working for to improve its processes […]

Does My Experience in Process Improvement Prepare Me to Be a Business Analyst?

Reader Question: I was a project manager for 25 years, but for the past 4 years I have been involved in software QA and Process Improvement as a consultant for CMMI and other standards. I’ve been giving serious thought to moving towards a BA emphasis in my career, returning to earlier roots as a systems […]

How Do I Define a KPI for a Business Analyst?

Reader Question: Hi, My manager asked me to define KPI for the business analyst job. I’ve tried do to some research but everybody seems to have a bit of a problem around this. Do you have any ideas from where to start? Finding a Meaningful KPI for a Business Analyst Trying to measure what appears […]

I’m Letting Go of the Big Thick Requirements Document. Are You?

Some recent posts across the blatherverse have highlighted some considerations that we as good business analysts must employ when developing and delivering our documentation and deliverables. These got me to thinking about my own very strong feelings in the past about what I should be doing as an analyst and how my audiences should be […]

Do You Have the Key Business Stakeholders Involved in Your Project?

If customers are not receiving what they ask for in a project deliverable, what causes that? Where would everything fall apart to the point that requirements were not being carried out through implementation? Chances are the analyst may have had an incorrect or partially incorrect set of key stakeholders providing input to the requirements. When […]

Improving software processes by engaging the business stakeholders

The last couple of posts about the collaboration between Business and IT have revolved around the active reaching out from one side or the other to engage the other team. Much of the commentary described problems with regard to different teams communicating poorly, which resulted in poor understanding of the total picture. Resolutions to these […]

How to Reach Across Organizational Boundaries to Create a More Successful Project

Whether an analyst resides on the business or IT side, he or she is ALWAYS in the middle. For a Business-side analyst to be effective, there must be an understanding of how to interact with IT and a knowledge of what is expected when requirements are turned over. The inverse is true for the IT […]

Making it Work Between Business and IT: Why and How to Reach Across Boundaries to Dissipate Potential Attitude Issues

As long as customers have been seeking solutions from the computing industry, there has existed a barrier between those who need a technological solution and those who provide one. That barrier has morphed from basic miscommunication¬†into a more complex problem that prevents success. Today, teams of resources attempt to work together in high-pressure environments, and […]

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