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Doug Goldberg is a Senior Business Analyst in the Dallas, TX, USA market. He has 15 years experience as an analyst in application development for financial, health care and technology companies. He has also programmed Java/J2EE for a period of time.

Additionally, Doug is an avid business analyst mentor both online and in-person, a facilitator for CBAP study groups, an active guest blogger, and the current VP of Professional Development for the Dallas Chapter of the IIBA.

Diary of a CBAP Seeker: Passing the CBAP Exam the Second Time

Editor’s Note: I’m honored to have long-time Bridging the Gap author Doug Goldberg back to finish the CBAP Diary he started sharing here back in 2010. Congrats to Doug!! A long time ago, back when I first started working with Laura and Bridging the Gap, I sat for the CBAP exam and failed. In December […]

The Second Ingredient That All Successful Business Analysts Possess

I’ve always been a big proponent of relationships and relationship building as the number one factor, at least in my view, for a successful analyst. They are critical to the work we do and require a significant amount of time and attention to finesse and hone. In my travels away from Bridging the Gap, I […]

Dipping My Toes in Ice Water: a Story of Perseverance

I wanted to share a personal story with each of you. Some of you already know it; some of you will be told anew. The reason I’m sharing it is that I am aware that many of you struggle to figure out what to do to get ahead in your careers as aspiring or experienced […]

How Do I Market Myself as a Business Analyst Contractor?

A reader asks the following… I started off as an IT BA putting together functional specifications and detailing user-interface screens. Later, moving companies, I worked as a Business BA undertaking requirements facilitation, BPMN process mapping as-is, to-be, covering Lean/Six Sigma practice. I then moved into contracting and picked up an IT BA role. My question […]

Are You Suffering from 9-5 Apathy?

Greetings fellow BAs. As you know, I’ve written before about how you are in control of your own career, progress, destiny, whether you wear matching shoes to work, etc. I’ve been thinking for a while about a new blog post and keep coming back to this topic, but don’t want to rehash the same ole’ […]

Why Terminology is Important

We ask the questions that people having been avoiding for years while they were trying to look smart. I read an article today from our respected colleague, Yaaqub Mohamed about the importance of data analysis as part of a good analyst’s tool belt. Well that is not exactly how he put it, but you get […]

Is There a Place for Business Analysis in a Non-Profit Organization?

Reader question: My past 25 years of work experience has been in the not-for-profit sector, in both program work as well as various IT roles. A part of this work that I have enjoyed very much is when I have had the opportunity to help the organization I was working for to improve its processes […]

Does My Experience in Process Improvement Prepare Me to Be a Business Analyst?

Reader Question: I was a project manager for 25 years, but for the past 4 years I have been involved in software QA and Process Improvement as a consultant for CMMI and other standards. I’ve been giving serious thought to moving towards a BA emphasis in my career, returning to earlier roots as a systems […]

Help a BA! How Do I Propose a Business Analyst Role in My Firm?

Reader question: I work for a software firm similar to Bloomberg that develops and sells financial analysis software. I am product specialist and consultant hybrid. I do several tasks similar to that of a Business Analyst (BA) but we are not BAs since we only support the product and not help build the product. After […]

You don’t have to give up your day job to influence how BAs are perceived

To set the stage for this post, I want to say that I volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Dallas IIBA Local Chapter. As the new year has started, I find myself wondering what I can do to better reach out to get members excited enough about their profession to enjoy coming to […]

Help a BA! What can a BA in the Print Media World do?

A reader writes in…. I am a software designer with 2 yrs experience in developing web based applications for a large software house. I am looking to further my career in Business Analysis. I have a keen interest in print media as well. Business Analyst have a very important part to play in IT but […]

Should I Avoid Including Design Details in My Requirements Document?

Reader question: There is an ongoing debate over elements in a requirements document that could also be considered design. For example, screen mock-ups, file layouts and content. Which belong in a requirement document and which don’t? Doug’s answer: The reader is correct in stating that this is in an ongoing debate and I’m going to […]

Requirements prioritization – what’s the point?

An aspect of prioritization don’t hear about quite so much is understanding the value of prioritization. Requirements prioritization is a time intensive activity and can push our stakeholders to their limits. What’s the value in prioritization that makes it work the time and effort we must invest to get it right? As analysts, many of […]

Taking care with your digital footprint

Ahhhh…the trials and tribulations of life on the Internet! A while back, I wrote an article about learning lessons from mistakes.  I have another one to add to that list that I recently learned with the help of a peer who had my best interests at stake. Building a presence on the Internet has become […]

How Do I Define a KPI for a Business Analyst?

Reader Question: Hi, My manager asked me to define KPI for the business analyst job. I’ve tried do to some research but everybody seems to have a bit of a problem around this. Do you have any ideas from where to start? Finding a Meaningful KPI for a Business Analyst Trying to measure what appears […]

How Do I Prevent Overlooked Issues and Project Mishaps?

The following question came to us and opens the door to exploration of communication techniques that prevent issues on projects…. As an enterprise BA, I inquire and engage team members to determine the thoughts behind the project (not just elicit requirements, etc.). In a contract I head with a NY firm, project meetings included those […]

I’m Letting Go of the Big Thick Requirements Document. Are You?

Some recent posts across the blatherverse have highlighted some considerations that we as good business analysts must employ when developing and delivering our documentation and deliverables. These got me to thinking about my own very strong feelings in the past about what I should be doing as an analyst and how my audiences should be […]

Help a BA! What Training and Certifications Will Help Me Get My First BA Job?

Reader question: I’m trying to become a business analyst. I have several years of professional experience and I’m evaluating training options. I want to help make myself more marketable for business analyst jobs. I think that employers will find it valuable if I can list a BA certification on my resume, but I don’t have […]

How Do I Set Business Analysis Performance Goals?

Reader Question: What suggestions do you have for developing performance goals for Business Analysts? In my organization, the PM role is a high-visibility, high accountability one in the Project Team. The BA is high accountability when/if there’s an issue, and low visibility once requirements are approved. Every milestone in the project life cycle is an […]

Diary of a CBAP Seeker: Learning methods for absorbing the BABOK

Dear Diary: After immersing myself in multiple methods to try to absorb the BABOK content, I am only a few weeks away from sitting for the exam. As I continue to struggle to acquire all the content that I think I will need to know. I’ve definitely learned some lessons about what to do and […]

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