About Michelle Swoboda

I am totally passionate about business analysis. I have always loved my work - however when I found this role - I felt like I was home. I have been a BA for 12+ years. I have had many roles - project manager, business process analyst, team lead, business analyst - all that I love! I enjoy mentoring people and love to coach and hold webinars to train people. I live in Alberta, Canada with my wonderful husband and three West Highland White Terriers.

What’s the Difference Between Business Analysis and Business Development?

A reader asks: What is the difference between business analysis and business development? Michelle’s answer: Business development is just that; the growth of new or existing business.  It is usually associated with the sales team within an organization.  Sales and marketing are responsible for growing existing business – so finding areas of customers that have […]

6 Tips to Keep Writing UAT Scripts Fun

I am sure that any business analyst who has written user acceptance scripting can confirm that script writing is super detailed, critically important and mind numbingly boring.  But is it important – yes it is.  Why you ask would something so boring be important?  Well, if the business user cannot validate that the new business […]

How Do I Get Stakeholders to Come to My Meetings?

Reader Question: I am working at a rapidly growing company as a BA. Sometimes I really find it hard to catch my stakeholders and other interested parts at their places and to make an appointment with them for a meeting. I have tried many techniques and tools like mass email notifications, invitations to join meetings […]

How to Build Critical Stakeholder Relationships

When you are ‘dropped in’ as a consultant into a company that you have never worked for or even when you are starting a new business analyst job or a project with new stakeholders, the most important first step is to begin to build the relationships with your stakeholders.  Not only do you want them […]

How to Use a Process Walk-through to Validate Requirements for a New System

When I began my latest consulting job, one of my first deliverables was to assist the stakeholders with a process walk through.  The purpose of the walk through was to identify gaps in the ‘to” be business process.  This was one way of determining if there were gaps because all teams were in new positions, […]

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