How to Sell Yourself in Your Resume

Editor’s Note: I always find it valuable to hear different hiring manager’s perspectives on what they would like to see in a business analyst resume. I find that there are many similarities but also differences in what different hiring managers and recruiters would like to see. In this post, Steve shares his suggestions, developed after […]

How to Stay Relevant as a BA in Agile: The Agile Business Analyst Dance

As the agile software development wave breaks over the IT and business worlds, business analysts may find themselves drowning.  The agilists decry the need for the business analyst as a “middleman” between the customer and the team opting to meet directly with the customer or product owner or even users. As business analysts in light […]

Attending the Right Meetings and Avoiding Unnecessary Ones

Anne, a young business analyst for a financial company in New York, arrived late for the meeting.  I had been at the company for two days of a week long engagement and had been attending meetings most of the time.  This was the third meeting that Anne and I both attended and the third time […]

Business Analyst Rights and Empowerment

I was surprised again recently when a group of business analysts complained to me that the project manager was upset with them for spending extra time defining the business processes they were working on. The project manager wanted to know where the requirements were so that he could get his technical people at work on […]

How Business Analysts and Project Managers Can Work Together: The Janus Relationship

In Roman mythology the god of gates and doors is Janus.  In his capacity as god of doorways, he is also the god of beginnings and endings and was used by the ancient Romans to symbolize change and transitions, and the launch of new enterprises.  Romans placed statues of Janus near a doorway or paintings […]

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