BA Essentials Master Class Self-Study – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BA Essentials Master Class Self-Study?

The BA Essentials Master Class is an online course, covering the 8-step business analysis process framework. You’ll receive:

  • 10 lessons in mp4 video and mp3 audio formats, along with PDF transcripts.
  • Weekly guidepost emails to help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Business Analysis Plan Template you can use to create a project timeline.
  • 6 months of online access to course materials. (You can also download them for future use.)
  • $500 discount on the next scheduled session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®.

This isn’t a good time, can I join the course later?

We only make this offer for the self-study version of the course available on a limited-time basis. Also, it’s self-study and there is no homework to complete or deadline for completing it, so it’s perfectly fine to invest now and go through the program when it makes sense for you.

Is there a time limit for taking the class?

You have 6 months of online access to the course materials, and you can download the materials for your own personal, future use and reference at any time.

Will this training help me find a new business analyst job as a transitioning BA?

Part of applying for business analyst positions is being able to present yourself as a qualified, professional business analyst and also speak to your experience doing business analysis work. The BA Essentials Master Class Self-Study can help you identify your transferable business analysis skills, speak knowledgeably to how to be successful as a business analyst, and anticipate common challenges on a typical business analyst project.

Out of integrity, and because of the many factors involved in your success, we don’t make placement guarantees. However, you may want to read (or watch) how taking the course helped Thomas Clarke go from Research Assistant to Business Analyst in just a few months.

Do you need to have a job currently for this course to be effective?

No, you do not. We’ve had many professionals in-between positions leverage the content and learning in the BA Essentials Master Class to gain more confidence and help them interview more successfully for business analyst roles. Also, for professionals coming back from a career break, the course can be a tremendous resource in gaining confidence for the interview and in succeeding in a new business analyst role.

Check out the case study interview with Julie Ayres, which leveraged the BA Essentials Master Class as part of her return to work after a 6-year career break.

>> Click here to watch (or read) Julie’s case study <<

I want to start a career as a BA, but I’ve never worked as a BA or done formal BA work. Is this course right for me?

The BA Essentials Master Class is a great starting point to understand what a business analyst does and how work flows on a typical business process improvement and software development project.

If you have no prior experience as a business analyst, but you want to become one, you have to start somewhere! And this self-study offer is designed to be a way to start exploring the profession in a more in-depth way without the potential overwhelm of engaging directly with our instructors or needing to complete specific assignments to complete the program.

Does this work outside the United States?

We had course participants from dozens of different countries participate in our online training programs. The truth is that the core business analysis skills and techniques are very similar across geographical areas – our challenges and success paths are more the same than different.

For specifics, check out the reviews from some of our past course participants. Julie Ayres is located in Perth, Western Australia, and Thomas Clarke is located in the Essex, UK.

Can I pay in different installments or get an extended payment plan?

All of our courses offer payment plan options and these are the best offers we can provide.

Can I get a discount (or an additional discount or scholarship)?

We appreciate your feeling, especially in our current economic climate. The offer we are making represents our best deal. We are not offering any additional discounts or scholarships at this time.

If now is not the right time for you to make this investment, I completely understand. We encourage you to benefit from all the free resources we provide on Bridging the Gap.

Can I receive access to all of the materials upfront?

Yes, we can grant you upfront access to the course materials, provided you choose the full-pay option and decline your money-back guarantee. We recommend joining the course, evaluating the first few materials, and then emailing us to request access.

Does this course include instructor support?

No. We are offering this course at a significant reduction over our standard course fees and cannot include instructor support.

Will the BA Essentials Master Class prepare me for a business analyst certification?

The BA Essentials Master Class is one module of our 4-module certification program – The Business Analyst Blueprint® certification program. This program offers a chance to earn your Applied Certification in Business Analysis™ (ACBA) as well as 60 PDs/CDUs that can be used towards IIBA® certification requirements.

When you join the BA Essentials Master Class Self-Study now, you can save $500 on your investment in the next session of The Business Analyst Blueprint®Click here to learn more.

If you are primarily interested in certification with IIBA®, we do not offer any IIBA® exam preparation or simulators. Our training programs are consistent with the content covered in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide), but not a comprehensive overview of everything included in the exam.

Can I earn professional credits (PDs, CDUs, PDUs, or Contact Hours) towards my ECBA/CCBA/CBAP by completing this course?

Since this is a self-study course, and not one of our instructor-supported online training programs and does not include meaningful instructor interaction nor do we audit your successful completion, we are not able to issue you a certificate of completion for the program.

If you have an existing IIBA® or PMI® certification, you may be able to claim CDUs or PDUs for re-certification under self-study or the personal study categories. Be sure to refer to your re-certification handbook for more details as they relate to your specific re-certification requirements.

Does this course include a certificate of completion?

No. We are offering this course at a significant reduction over our standard course fees and cannot include instructor support. Instructor review of your work is required to issue you a certificate of completion.

Can I use this course for CDUs or PDUs?

The time you spend going through this course can count toward the “self-study” category of CDUs for IIBA® re-certification and similar categories for other certifications. Be sure to check your re-certification requirements. Due to the self-study nature, the course does not qualify for PDs (Professional Development) hours for your certification application.

I’d like to speak to someone before I join one of your programs. How can I do that?

We are a virtual organization with team members in multiple states within the United States, work in multiple time zones, and we offer customer and instructor support via email, online communication tools, and pre-scheduled webinar sessions.

We find the best way to communicate with customers prior to making a purchasing decision is using these same tools. If you have a specific question about our training programs that is not answered on this page, please email us at info [at] bridging-the-gap [dot] com and we’ll reply within 2 business days.