Behind-the-Scenes in Business Analysis (5-Part Series)

business-analysis-process-8-stepsWelcome to the 5-part Behind-the-Scenes in Business Analysis series where I’ll walk you through how I’ve handled some of my most interesting business analysis projects using the business analysis process.


Part 1: The Project Where I Didn’t Get My Way

Learn how to collaborate with other team members, break bad news to a vendor, and visually model different solution approaches.

Part 2: How to Recover from Newbie Mistakes

Learn why more time for analysis is not always a luxury, and how to engage new stakeholders even when it feels mighty uncomfortable.

Part 3: How to Survive a Project When Everything Goes Wrong

Learn how to survive project failure with grace and dignity. (You could learn from your own mistakes, but why not learn from mine?)

Part 4: Applying the Business Analysis Process to Small Initiatives

Learn what to do when the business stakeholders have already told the developer everything they think he needs to know and, more generally, how the business analysis process still applies on changes that take less than a week to implement.

Part 5: A Project That Switched to Agile in the Middle (That Was Fun!)

Learn how the BA process applies to agile, because despite what you might be reading out there, agile environments absolutely, positively need business analysis.

If you’ve enjoyed this series, you may also want to check out the BA Essentials Master Class, where you’ll learn how to navigate the 8-step business analysis process to handle any project like a pro.


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