How to Build a Business Analyst Career Path

Do you find yourself thinking about the next step in your business analysis career? Do you wonder what actions you can take to move your career forward? Or even what forward looks like?

That’s the answer we’re here to help you find. Business analyst careers don’t just happen. Most often they are the result of focused efforts – efforts that lead you in the direction you want to go? In this article, we’ll discuss what the BA career ladder looks like (so you can decide what “next” looks like for you), how to discover what your next step should be, and how to take action to move toward your career goals.

Where's your career path headed?

Where’s your career path headed?

What Does the Business Analyst Career Ladder Look Like?

You might be wondering, what career level am I at? How do I know if I’m a junior, mid-level, or senior BA?

The answer is very dependent on context and the position and there while the International Institute of Business Analysis has formalized the definition in the BA Competency Model, these definitions are not yet widely in use across the profession.

Depending on how a particular position is framed, your qualifications might put you at varying levels.

One of the biggest questions to consider when moving up the ladder is where your strengths lie.

  • Is your strength grounded in system knowledge or business analyst competencies? Do you want to grow as a business analyst or as an expert in your field?

On the path upward for BAs, we often need to shed responsibilities that helped us be initially successful, which is often specific domain, technology, or industry experience. I share my story of letting go of system expertise. Even once you become aware of this limitation, application expertise can crop back up on you and begin to hold your growth back.

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What Should My Business Analyst Career Path Be?

The challenging part about building a business analyst career path, is that there is no one path “up” for business analysts. Today’s analysts are often blazing career development trails that future business analysts might choose to follow.

If there is no clear path, which way do you head?

Building Business Analyst Career Experiences

Setting business analyst performance goals that include expanding your knowledge is a great place to start. But the real results happen when you start taking action expanding your business analysis experience.

>>Build Your Business Analyst Career Path

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