How to Move from Customer Service to Business Analyst

Customer service representatives are professionals who help new or prospective customers solve problems or answer questions related to a product or service.

how-to-move-from-customer-service-to-business-analysis(By the way, this article is one piece of a multi-part series titled, “How to Leverage Your Career Experience to Get Started in Business Analysis” where we explore the specific transferable skills professionals in various career backgrounds bring to business analysis and what opportunities they have to grow their business analysis experience.)

Customer service professionals tend to be excellent communicators and relationship builders, and this prepares them to handle the more challenging aspects of discovering requirements and negotiating what’s in and out of scope inside a project. They also probably have a lot of experience solving problems and coming up with creative solutions.

Experienced and senior-level customer service professionals also develop a deep experience in a specific industry or tool set, which can prepare them to take on a variety of specialist roles within business analysis.

To grow into a business analyst role, customer service professionals need to explore the following types of opportunities:

In general, as a customer service professional you need to look beyond the day-to-day and hour-to-hour issues and take steps towards bigger picture solutions to long-term problems.

To further explore how the transition from customer service to business analysis works, check out these career transition success stories:

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