Evolving a Note-Taker Assignment into a BA Leadership Opportunity

In my entire career as a BA, I have been blessed by the clear understanding of the benefits a BA can bring to each business unit – until now.  I recently accepted a one month contract position, that has moved into a longer term assignment.  I truly love the challenge – the project, the people and the company.

However, I am constantly battling with the people to see my value in helping their project and themselves be successful.  When we were first brought into the company – the project manager introduced us and encouraged people to use us as resources to take notes during meetings, set up meetings and perform other administrative duties.  Now, if they want to pay me that high hourly wage for doing that – that is fine – but I know that I can contribute a great deal more .  Is this my ego talking or am I looking out for the value to the company?

I think it is partly both.  Unfortunately when the PM does not even understand the value, the critical thinking and the creative solutions that a business analyst can bring to the table, you are mostly sunk.  Unless…you start to show them what you can do.  I sat back and watched for a while, all the time completing the tasks I was asked to do.

Then, I saw an opportunity to identify and deliver a solution that would help five core team business owners.  I presented it to two of the core team members to understand if what I was seeing would translate into a win for them – they said yes!  Then I went to my new boss – just changed from the PM — and ran it by him.  He was pleased to and I basically told him what I was doing, and why and that I was keeping him updated.  I was not looking for his approval and consent.

Since then, I have been building on the solution and finding new ways to add value to the project.  Seeing outstanding items and setting up a small business plan on how to tackle them has also been met with positive feedback. I had a slight set back this week when the IT team seemed to value my photocopying skills more than anything – but this BA is continuing forth to deliver value that means something to me and to the business.

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  1. snehal purohit says

    Michelle, way to go…Keep up the spirit and passion. Congrats.

  2. Michelle Swoboda says

    Stephanie, thank you so much. Every week we are gaining more respect for what we can do within our project group and to help the company.

  3. Congrats to you Michelle on finding that window of opportuntity and jumping through it. Tell the guys in IT to back up…your a BA! (smile)

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