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I’m Letting Go of the Big Thick Requirements Document. Are You?

Some recent posts across the blatherverse have highlighted some considerations that we as good business analysts must employ when developing and delivering our documentation and deliverables. These got me to thinking about my own very strong feelings in the past about what I should be doing as an analyst and how my audiences should be […]

10 Ways to Communicate More Effectively on IT Projects

Great business analysts are great communicators. We communicate in meetings, through elicitation, via email, and through our requirements documentation. Verbal and written communication are key competencies for the successful business analyst. I’ve collected together some past lessons on communication. In this article, lets look at 10 ways you can communicate even more effectively on IT […]

How to Become More Confident in Requirements Elicitation

The initial meetings with a stakeholder can be nerve-wracking. Oftentimes projects come to us for “analysis” with very little detail. It can feel like everyone else knows more and is better prepared. Yet we, the business analysts, own the next step. Especially as new business analysts or business analysts needing to learn a new business […]

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