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Super Effective Meetings: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

Running an effective meeting is a critical skill for business analysts to master. You’ll facilitate all kinds of meetings with all different levels of stakeholders as a business analyst – discovery meetings, requirements review meetings, issue resolution meetings, planning meetings, just to name a few. What’s more, when you cultivate this skill of running an […]

Your Organization Needs You to Step Up

Business analysts create positive change, make our organizations more efficient, and help us add more value to our customers. If you’ve been frustrated by your lack of opportunity in your business analysis career, this is the message you’ve been waiting for.   For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s the full text […]

Secrets to Getting Started as a Business Analyst

One day, I was headed back to my desk after a meeting and a senior business analyst stopped me in the hallway, inviting me to apply for a new position on the business analyst team. The thing is – this was NOT a chance meeting. I had taken specific actions that led to this outcome […]

How to Learn About a New Business Domain

In a new business analyst position, it can be a challenge to figure out how to learn everything you need to know to be successful. Knowledge about the business and industry can be acquired over the life cycle of a project, but oftentimes you need to know the basics to succeed on your first project […]

How to Get Your Stakeholders to Stop Repeating Themselves

Do you ever feel like your stakeholders keep repeating themselves? Would you like certain aspects of the elicitation process to go a little faster? In this post, we’ll look at why even when we’re listening to our stakeholders, they might not think we’re really listening and find it necessary to repeat and clarify their important […]

How to Present Yourself as Capable of Doing Requirements Specifications (Even If You’ve Only Created Informal Documentation)

Many new business analysts are confident in their communication and problem-solving skills but feel held back because they’ve only ever created informal documentation to serve a specific audience or project need. Are you confident in your ability to create formal requirements specifications just like a tried and true business analyst would? Let’s look at how […]

The Tough Truth: Your Stakeholders Don’t Want a BA

One thing that I’m confident that readers of this site will agree on is that good quality business analysis can add significant value throughout a project’s lifecycle.   But let me ask you a question.  Have you ever found that some stakeholders just don’t “get” business analysis?  They just want to implement a tactical, messy solution […]

5 Ways to End Analysis Paralysis on Your Next Business Process Model

Like writers complain of “writers block,” modelers often find themselves in “analysis paralysis.” When modeling a business process, analysis paralysis occurs when we get stuck on a model and are not able to finish it, or when we are not able to help facilitate a decision about how to implement or improve a business process. […]

The Grass is Always Greener and Other Dangerous Beliefs You Might Be Holding Onto

Time and time again, I hear these words from aspiring business analysts: It must have been a whole lot easier for them to start a BA career; they have ____. The thing is, what fills in the blank is different depending on the perspective of the person. For someone with a business background, it’s technical […]

Don’t Do These 7 Things When Getting Started as a BA

If you are trying to decide if business analysis is the right career move, you are probably evaluating the trade-offs, looking at what you’ll need to invest in making this happen vs. the pay off at the end. You may even have circulated your resume just to see if it sticks, or started looking at […]

From Software Developer in an Informal Environment to Business Analyst: Michiel Erasmus

Michiel Erasmus is the host of the Business Analyst Podcast and has recently found his first business analyst role. I’m honored to share his story with you — the ups and the downs — and I hope his story inspires you as you create your own path to business analysis. The Career Before Business Analysis […]

Requirements Templates: What To Do When You Must Start From Scratch

While you may have a formalized processes and sets of documentation requirements for your software projects (this can be helpful or hurtful), you might be starting with no process or set way of specifying requirements. Starting from scratch every time can be very counter-productive. Given that this is a common challenge, I thought I’d share […]

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