With Gratitude

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US. This is a time of year I always step back and reflect on what’s important to me and start looking forward to the year ahead. There are some changes coming to Bridging the Gap in 2017, and we’ll start to share more about those in December.

thanksIn the meantime, let’s focus on the here and now. Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks or sharing our gratitude with one another. I am writing to share my gratitude with you.

As we were talking about in last week’s webinar, we often don’t feel our work as BAs is valued. The kind of work we do is difficult to quantify, and when we are at our best it’s almost as if we are unnoticed. Not generally being the self-promotional type of people, we only further hide our value.

That all adds up to us not receiving a lot of praise or appreciation.

On behalf of everyone you work with, please accept my personal thank you for doing your best in business analysis. For the passion with which you approach your work and role. And for always seeking to get the best outcome for your stakeholders and your projects.

I honor your careful preparation for meetings. I appreciate how you agonize over choosing the right word to ensure each requirement is properly understood. I value your decision to select from a wide variety of models and techniques to clarify needs and create understanding among your stakeholders.

Thank you for continuing to do the work you do every day and even on occasion letting your attention to work slip outside your workday, especially when a difficult problem is in need of a solution.

I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities of being a business analyst. There are always new models to put into your toolbox, better processes to apply, and certifications to consider. It’s often easier to see what we don’t know and do, rather than focus on the positive impact we are making each and every day.

Today, I am writing to say thank you for doing what you do, as you do it in the here and now. I know in my heart that you are doing your best possible work and that your organization is lucky to have you.

If you are celebrating the US Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy your well-deserved time off this week and are able to embrace the abundance around you with gratitude. And no matter where you live and what holidays you celebrate, thank you for being part of what we do at Bridging the Gap.

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