5 Business Analyst Nicknames

No matter that we business analysts get labeled by an almost dizzying array of job titles, we also can get some fancy nicknames.

In the spirit of keeping it light this week, let’s look at a few of the nicknames business analysts have been given over the years.

  1. Colombo (the detective from the television show) – One of my mentoring clients shared that her stakeholders gave her this nickname because she always had “one more question.”
  2. Mr. Wolf  –  Even though I could never stomach finishing the movie this character was in – Pulp Fiction – I loved that my stakeholders felt that I was successfully cleaning up their messes.
  3. Leonardo (as in da Vinci) – This one comes to us from Bob the BA because we use a tremendous number of skills and have expertise in a variety of different areas.
  4. Bad A** – Who says that the “B” is for business and the “A” for analyst? Cecilie Hoffman started a series over at BATimes called the Bad A** BA where she shared her hard-earned lessons from taking the tougher routes.
  5. Explorer – This one comes from one of my Twitter followers, Aotea Studios, and I absolutely love it. Business analysts explore everything – business domain, pain points, problems, stories, options, etc.  Here’s a picture they shared of how they put the “Explorer” label right on their laptop!

Do you have a favorite business analyst nickname? Leave a comment below.

14 thoughts on “5 Business Analyst Nicknames”

  1. Simratjeet Singh

    My client and colleagues call me “JACK” due to one simple reason that I always try to raise things off the ground to better inspect the underside of the issues, processes and functions to help make a smooth transition.

    Have a great new year…


  2. My most recent client calls me Rosetta Stone because of the way I have to bridge the communication between end users, developers, QA, the business side, project management, etc.

  3. I’ve been called “Nosy Rosy” – but in a kindly tone. And when I gave my coworkers a list of possible names for my new blog, the most popular pick was Babbling BA. Go figure…!

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