Business Analyst Career Roadmap

Would you like to know exactly where you are on your business analysis career journey? How about what options are available to you to achieve the end result you are looking for within your business analysis career? The Business Analyst Career Roadmap will support you as you navigate your business analysis career journey.

Here in Colorado, we do a lot of hiking. Many trails intersect and it’s possible to go back to the same trail system multiple times and loop through the options different ways to have a new experience. The one constant is the small brown box at the trail head with a map to follow. The map enables you to keep your bearings and decide on what the next leg of your journey should be when you get to a fork in the trail.

Similarly, there are many paths through a career in business analysis. When you first look at the Roadmap, it may seem very complicated. But it isn’t. There is no one path through the Roadmap, which is why it looks complex at first. But the silver lining in the complexity is that there are many directions and avenues that can lead you to your desired end result.

(For a detailed walk-through of the Roadmap, check out our free BA career planning course walking you through the Roadmap step-by-step.)

Once you find where you currently are on the Roadmap, you’ll see what options are open to you and perhaps discover opportunities you didn’t know you had to achieve the result you are looking for in your career.

Here’s What To Do Now

Do you want to find your path and explore your options? Here’s what to do now:

  1. Download a copy of the Roadmap – this is yours to save, print, make copies of, and re-post. When you click on the image above, it will prompt you to download a printable PDF copy. The Roadmap is available through a Creative Commons license. As long as you don’t alter the Roadmap, it’s yours to use and share.
  2. Find your spot on the map.
  3. Explore the next steps open to you. Some may be familiar – trails you’ve hiked before. Some may be new. Keep an open mind as you consider the options.
  4. Identify the list of steps you can take to move your BA career forward.
  5. Take action. Do at least one of the items on your list this week. Repeat.

Walk Through This Process with a Free Career Planning Course

We offer a free BA career planning course. The course includes a downloadable audio file, full-text transcript, and career planning guide. We walk through the Roadmap step-by-step so you can discover what options you have to start your business analyst career.

Click here to learn more about the free career planning course

Additional Resources

As you plan out your next step, these resources can help you more deeply explore some of the options available on the Roadmap.

Confirm Your Career Choice – Consider 42 Reasons to Start a Business Analyst Career and What is a Business Analyst?

Do a BA Task and Create a Virtuous Cycle – Read about now to expand your business analyst experience even if you aren’t a business analyst.

Seek a BA Role – Read posts on updating your business analyst resume and preparing for business analyst job interviews.

Transitional Opportunities – Consider some common transitional job roles that can help you move your way closer to your business analyst career.

Business Analyst Career Transition Stories – Read how other professionals transitioned into business analysis.

Credits and Thank Yous

The Roadmap was made possible through the insights shared from each of our customers and subscribers over the last 4 years. In particular, I want to thank Adriana Beal, Eric Shayne Elliott, Laura Lentz, Ledon Lenzly, Tom Miller, Florence Mojapele, and Dave Wolf for their feedback on early iterations of the process model. And of course, a big call out to Heather Steele at Blue Steele Solutions for creating the theme and graphics.

>> Wait, there’s a book too 🙂

How to Start a Business Analyst Career Cover

While the Roadmap and free email course will get you started, How to Start a Business Analyst Career is the most comprehensive resource for creating an actionable plan that enables you to start a business analyst career.

Inside the book, you’ll learn to how to assess your skills and experience, receive specific techniques for expanding your experience, discover the different roles within the business analysis profession, and receive guidance on mapping a complete career transition plan.

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  1. Saikat Singh says

    Thanks for the advice. I would b Glad if you tell me what would be my next Step.

    • I suggest starting with step 1 on the Roadmap – confirming your career choice. Then, as you are employed, look for opportunities to incorporate BA tasks into your daily work and identify who does business analysis within your organization to begin understanding what the internal opportunities are.

  2. Saikat Singh says

    I am having 1 Year of experience in Recruitment.Now i am Working as a recruiter & take care of Admin as well. I love doing new things in new way.Can i became a Business Analyst.?

  3. hi Laura,
    It was wonderful going through all your advice about starting a BA career.
    I am about to complete my masters in Computer Science. But making a transition from computer science field to business like field as BA has few risks involved. But I am really excited to explore this field and start my career in it. I need your advice about how to convince the companies that I am up for a change and I belong in here..!!

  4. Hi,

    I am a medical technologist working in the Hospital laboratory. I would like to change my carrier as a Business analyst. Please advice me if I am a good candidate for transition or not? I have minimal computer background but I am willing to learn. I would also like to know where to start from?

  5. Thank you for this website and all this information!

    I just started a couple of weeks ago as a Graduate Business Analyst straight out of University and so I’m still getting a grip on what a Business Analyst does and this site is really helping me out!

  6. yes, and i am going to share the experiment with you
    to get your help and advices

  7. Thank you Ms.Brandenburg…
    it was really useful information for me, because i’ve just started as a business analyst and doing the BA role .. thanks

  8. Really useful information from You !! thank u

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