Give yourself a gift!

It’s likely that if you’ve been celebrating Christmas or Hanukah or any other holidays in this year-end season, you’ve been focused on finding that special gift for someone else. Have you considered what gift you can give yourself?

One person who inspires me the most is Jeffrey Gitomer…in fact, this is a nice reminder that I need to pick up his book again. I’ve been beating myself up a bit too much lately. 🙂

Can you give yourself the feeling of a kid on Christmas morning?

Here’s a favorite quote I have captured in my writing note files. It’s from Yes! Attitude.

“Being Santa Claus gives you the perfect opportunity to give yourself gifts that make you feel great about who you are and to create the environment that will encourage you to achieve the goals you’ve set for who you want to become.”

Do yourself a favor as we head into 2011. Give yourself a gift. Give yourself a gift that represents not who you are, but who you want to become. This is a sign that says “I’m worth it!” and it will inspire you to act in a way that proves you are worth it.

What can you do to create a a more positive environment?

What can you do to make way for your goals?

What can you do to inspire yourself to be your best you?

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