Laura’s CBAP Journey – Scheduling the Exam (Week 8)

I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I announced my decision to sit for the CBAP. Thanks to all of your support and encouragement, it’s been an incredible journey so far.

But now I am at the point where the rubber hits the road. Literally. About two weeks ago, I sent the check in for my exam fee. I walked it down our little dirt road to the mail box, breathed in deep, dropped the letter in the box, and put up the flag. We’re not exactly in the country, but we are not in the city either. The mail truck going by is a rusted out old jeep, painted white. This being one of the first pieces of mail I sent from our new home and given my choice to use a recycled envelope instead of a nice clean new one, I had some lingering doubts about whether the check would arrive safely.

So every day I check to see if the check is cashed. Every day it’s not. Although the entire CBAP process is really well documented with timeline expectations, this is one piece that’s a little vague. So I’m actually not sure what to expect next.

Luckily, IIBA sends a confirmation email when they have received a check. I received that last week. And then earlier this week (about a week later) I received the email that’s now plaguing my inbox. This one is from the test center. It has every piece of information I need to schedule the exam. And given there are exam times just about every morning and afternoon from here to eternity, now it’s up to me to decide.

When do I sit for the exam?

  • Morning or afternoon?
  • Beginning of the week or end?
  • September or October?
One consideration is the upcoming Denver IIBA Chapter meeting on September 28. Our President, Kym Byron, always announces new CBAP recipients. This will be my last meeting for awhile, given that the little one will arrive in November. Should I try to sit before the meeting just so I can have my ego stroked a bit?
Another consideration is the timing of the CBAP prep class I’m sitting in, provided by BA Mentor. The course ends September 22. It seems that taking the exam the next week might give me just the momentum I need to keep studying, studying, studying without over-preparing to the point of freaking out. Self-study, take the course, do some wrap-up, review the material, take the exam. And then go on the vacation my husband and I have been talking about for the last 3 months and putting off again and again and again.
The more I think about it, the more I think sooner is better than later. This baby isn’t getting any smaller (which of course is a great thing!) and my head isn’t getting any more focused (which is not such a good thing!).  I’m ruling out Monday – Mondays are days to ease into the week. I’m ruling out Wednesday – we have our Denver meeting that night and I’m sure there will be stuff to take care of. I’m ruling out the day after the Denver meeting as I’m sure I’ll be home and in bed later than usual and not have time to review notes. Sooo…it’s either going to be Tuesday, September 27 or Friday, September 30. I’m leaning towards the earlier day.
Any thoughts from those of you who have done this before?


5 thoughts on “Laura’s CBAP Journey – Scheduling the Exam (Week 8)”

  1. Laura, congratulations on setting your exam date. The one thing this gives you is a deadlilne. Now you know when you have to be ready for the exam. Congratulations and good luck, we’re all cheering for you!

  2. Exam date scheduled! September 27th! I don’t really feel ready at all and am totally nervous about no food or drink (LOL) — really I live with my Nalgene by my side — but I’ll get through it!

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