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How to Build a Business Analyst Career Path

What does the business analyst career ladder look like? What should your business analyst career path be? Discover what steps you can take to solidify your business analyst career.

42 Reasons To Start a Business Analyst Career

Business analysis might sound interesting, but is it the right career option for you?

5 Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst

Plan out your next step into a business analysis career. Don’t miss the FAQ at the end which highlights the concerns we receive most often. After working with hundreds of course participants and clients, chances are we have your career situation covered!

What Career Backgrounds Do Business Analysts Have?

Can a software developer become a business analyst? How about a technical writer, benefits manager, financial services representative, or quality assurance engineer? With over 25 career transition stories, it’s likely we’ve got a career background like yours cover.

How Do I Become an IT BA If I Don’t Have an IT Background?

It’s definitely possible to become a business analyst without detailed technical knowledge or a technical degree, but your path might look different than someone with a software development background.

What Is the Average Business Analyst Salary?

Yes, we want to find work we enjoy. But as a mid-career professional, you probably have a certain set of salary requirements too. Will a career in business analysis satisfy them?

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