What Career Backgrounds Do Business Analysts Have?

You might be wondering if anyone with your career background has been successful in starting a business analyst career. In all likelihood, the answer is yes. And that’s because the BA profession represents a myriad of professional backgrounds.Different paths to BA

While theoretically speaking, there is not a right or perfect career background for becoming a BA, it can be really helpful to read about how other BAs leveraged their skills and experience to start BA careers. It can be especially encouraging to find someone with a similar background to yours.

That’s why I’ve organized our repository of business analyst career transition stories. These are stories directly from our readers and contributors about how they started careers in business analysis.

I hope you find a story that resonates with you and inspires you to take the next step on your journey. Even if there is not someone listed with your exact career background, you’ll be reassured by the wide variety of career backgrounds represented.

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Without further ado, onto the stories!

BAs with Career Background in a Business Domain

From Benefits Manager to Business Analyst (Felicia Arambula)

From Financial Services Representative to Business Analyst (by Becoming a SME) (April Phan)

From Capacity Planning Analyst to Business Analyst (Bethany Rein)

Finding a New Business Analyst Job Without Relevant Industry Experience (Reno Chew)

From Travel Agent to Business Analyst (Leah Balid)

Finding Your Business Analyst Roots in a Project Management Role (Laura Barden)

BAs with a Career Background in Project Work

From Technical Writer to Business Analyst (Anonymous)

From Technical Writer to Business Analyst through an Internal Promotion (Michal Swartz)

From Report Writer to Business Analyst (Jennifer Sharp)

From User Acceptance Tester to Business Analyst (Maria)

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BAs with a Background in Service & Support

From Sales Support to Quality Assurance to Business Analysis (Martin Pakpahan)

From Operations Support Analyst to Business Analyst (Natalya Polkhovsky)

From Applications Support Specialist to Business Analyst (Aniket Sharma)

From Being Outsourced to Getting a Business Analyst Job (Teboho Lebakeng)

From Call Center Representative to Business Analyst (Mina Joseph)

From Customer Service to Business Analysis (YLS)

BAs with a Career Background in Technology

From Quality Assurance to Business Analysis (GR)

Building BA Experience as a Software Developer (Dave Wolf)

From Programmer to Business Analyst: How to Snap Back from a Layoff after 35 Years with One Company (John Jones)

From Software Developer in an Informal Environment to Business Analyst (Michiel Erasmus)

From Software Developer to Business Analyst (Wendy Stookesberry)

From Technical Implementation Manager to Senior Business Analyst (Matt Hubbard)

From Desktop Support Technician to Business Analyst: A Journey-In-Progress (Rob Jowaises)

How to Turn from IT Analyst to Business Analyst (Emily Kong)

BAs with “Jack of All Trades” Career Backgrounds

From Systems Analyst to Business Analyst (Olga Onal)

From Entertainment Industry Consultant to IIBA Chapter President (Jennifer Banzon)

2 Readers Network Their Way Into Business Analyst Positions (Lydia Pierce, Caprice White)

An IT Consultant Awakens to a Career in Business Analysis (Aaron Whittenberger, CBAP )

From Problem Solver to Business Analyst (TH)

From Quality Assurance to Business Analyst (Laura Brandenburg)


BAs that Are Relatively New Business Professionals

Landing a BA Job Just 7 Months Out of College (Eric)

Turning a Business Systems Analyst Internship into a Job Offer (Nelson Colon)

Starting Your BA Career as a Deloitte Consultant (Adam Feldman)

From Academic Administration to Entry-Level Business Analyst Role (Janelle)

>> Find Your Path Into Business Analysis

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