From Operations Support Analyst to Business Analyst

While I love hearing everyone’s stories, some career transition stories just warm my heart. The one I’m sharing today does just that.

I first met Natalya as a participant in one of my courses. She had so much passion and energy. I could just tell she was ready to make things happen. You can just imagine how happy I was when she let me know, just a little over a month later, that she’s had started a new job that included significant business analysis responsibilities.

Here’s Natalya’s story.

Natalya Polkhovsky was an Operations Support Analyst at a NYSE post-trade operations group before landing a consulting position as a QA Analyst / Coordinator with a small group at the Bank of America. Her duties include requirements analysis, project coordination, user training plans, and quality analysis.

Natalya was a participant in the April 2012 career planning course session and says the class helped her get her thoughts in order and create a well-defined plan to get to her goal of becoming a BA.

She started her new role at the beginning of June. The key to her quick success was getting a complete picture of her transferable skills and the new confidence that came with that knowledge. Find Natalya Polkhovsky on LinkedIn.

Please join me in congratulating Natalya and wishing her the best possible success in this new position! 

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