The First 5 Signs That Business Analysis is the Career Choice For You

Are interested in becoming a business analyst? Or maybe you’ve just always thought it would be fun to get more involved in technology projects?

If you are thinking of a career in business analysis, here are 5 signs you should give business analysis more than a fleeting glance:

  1. You find yourself in meetings and like it. You always seem to sense when people are talking at each other but not communicating with each other. Bonus points if you find yourself in the middle of these conversations because you feel compelled to make them understand each other.
  2. You like to write, especially a precise type of writing, and you are comfortable working independently at your computer for 2-3 hours at a time.
  3. You always seem to find something wrong with a website or piece of software and ask yourself, why didn’t they think to handle that better? You get a bonus point if your co-workers come to you with questions about the legacy system you work with day-to-day. You understand not just how to use the system to do your job, but why things work the way they do. You wonder why everyone else just doesn’t get it.
  4. You can handle tense situations but you don’t feel the need to be in the conflict. Helping people wade through different opinions and make informed decisions is one of the most important things a BA does.
  5. You like to ask questions. You make sure you really know what someone meant when they said what they said. Right along with this is that you naturally clarify problems before getting to solutions.  You might annoy people with all your questions about what the problem “really” is and why they think it’s something it’s not.  But you also rarely get caught with your pants down expending lots of effort to solve a problem only to find out no one cares about the solution. And when you do, you only blame yourself.

Score At Least 4 out of 5?

Check out 42 Reasons to Start a BA Career – after which you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not starting a career as a business analyst is going to make sense for you.

21 thoughts on “The First 5 Signs That Business Analysis is the Career Choice For You”

  1. I work as a Product owner since last 9 months and I found all these quality in myself and I am an undergraduate student from Pakistan in computer science and information technology.

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  3. I can relate so much with the above mentioned 5 points. However, is BA largely a software dominated job role as I’m a chemical engineer with very little coding knowledge.

  4. Is there any certification course which a beginner can do to kick start his career in Business Analyst. Please help

  5. Thanks for the awsome information. I could feel that is personally written for me, to guide me(okay, for all(sigh)). But it helped me a lot. Hope, I am on the right track.
    thanks once again.

  6. Mark Gil Makabenta

    I’m a fresh graduate in the Philippines and i took Bachelor of Science in Information System. Before i graduate, i said to myself that i want to pursue a career and not just work to earn money. Being a business analyst is related to the program that i took and it fits my personality as well. But no one wants to accept me probably because of lack in experience. I just want to ask about the things that i should learn in becoming a BA. I really want to be a BA, i want to do a self study so that i can understand some things about BA and try to apply again. Thank you so much in advance, i’m hoping that someone can help me.

    1. Hi. Same here, from PH. I got my bachelor of Computer Science and currently working as Business Analyst. I would like to know if how are you today? In 3 years ago? did you still pursue BA career?

  7. Reading both the “42 reasons” and the “5 signs” ALMOST makes me want to cry because I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and this career was here all along. I do, however, find joy and solace in the fact that the former and current jobs, provided experience, knowledge and key skills necessary for a B.A. For this, I am grateful. Everything happens in it’s time and season. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the information.. I am now working as BA. Every point mentioned in the above post is what I am experiencing daily.. gud stuff ..

  9. I’m a recent Computer Science graduate and I was looking at developing a career in BA. This list has given me a deeper incite on what being a BA entails. Thanks a mil…

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  11. Thank you Laura for this post.
    I am looking to become a BA and trying to gather as much as I can information related to the BA career. Your 5 signs gave me more confidence that I am heading toward the right direction.

    1. Hi Laura,

      iIhave a work experiance of 7 years in Key account manager and i am not IT person. Working in testing and quality industry. can someone help me understand if I am not IT person can I be BA if yes then what is the way?

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