What’s one challenge you are facing in your business analyst career?

If you could solve one challenge in your business analyst career, what would it be? What’s holding you back from more success?

Tell me where you are at in your career by leaving a comment below, and let me know what the challenge is and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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  1. I am not getting opportunities to showcase my skills. I am trying hard to get a chance to work as a Salesforce BA but I am not getting the recognition in the industry. Kindly suggest how can I succeed in getting the right opportunity.

  2. My biggest challenge is lack of time to feel I’ve done a good and thorough job. Requirements are thrown together; I barely have time to think about what kind of data modeling tool would work best for a particular situation, let alone use one, before it’s time to move to the next step. How can I feel secure that I’ve done a good and thorough job without working tons of overtime?

  3. Terrance Joshua says:

    Hi Laura, I’m interested in understanding what context diagrams are and how they can be used in the BA space. Also, how are they different from business process modeling? Thanks for the help

  4. Hi Laura, I am a Systems Analyst trying to break into the BA scene. I get interviews but because I lack hands on BA experience I fall short. My sentiments the core skills I have as the skills are transferable but its how to get a foot in the door is my current challenge. How to secure that new role. Your input appreciated. Regards

  5. Tracie Edwards says:

    If I could solve one challenge with how I view being a BA, it would be how to get a seat at the overall strategic table. I believe BA’s should be involved at the highest levels, yet for the most part, we’re not included until long after the project has received approval. Organizations still want BA’s who can help them solve the tactical problems, but they don’t see the role as any bigger than that (and really, so many BA’s still don’t see the role as bigger than that, which is another challenge I’d love to solve).

  6. Lilia Coelho says:


    I have moved countries and have been a business analyst with projects mainly in the government sector. All the jobs available need industry specific knowledge like banking, insurance. How can I find a job under these conditions?

  7. Phumlani Shadrack Mngxekeza says:

    I am working in an agile environment in a digital space, I struggle to use the Business Analysis skills to the best of my abilities. I have been working in waterfall for the past 10 years and no all of a sudden no body wants to follow the SDLC. I am now asked to develop myself towards user acceptance researcher role because rile of business analysis is not required in an agile methodology.