Doug’s Diary of a CBAP-Seeker: Facing the CBAP Application

Dear Diary:

“This new CBAP® Certification may be my ticket to a more rewarding career. If I can just pass the test, I’ll have those letters at the end of my name and it may give me the edge in the resume selection/ job search process. I think I can pass the test with enough preparation, but can I walk the walk while I talk the talk? I also need to know if this effort is worth it in the end and what my goal is, in order to determine if the payoff in the end is suitable.”

Once I started to study for the CBAP® test by reviewing the BABOK® 1.6, I was totally consumed by all the possibilities of knowledge attainment. Then I found out that there was a heavy-duty application process, and the feedback from my peers made it sound a daunting task. Several had stopped completing the application because it proved to be much more effort than they had to spend on the task. Several were psychologically paralyzed by the volume of information that they suddenly had to document. I also heard of the application being rejected because of incomplete information or no proper documentation of business analysis tasks. It made me wonder if all the effort was worth the trouble. Once I asked myself that question, the ability to think clearly and handle the obstacles was much easier.

Why would business analysts go through all this effort simply to get a few letters at the end of their names? After all, the exam in still in its infancy, and there is no proof that it is really leading to better money, better jobs or a better life. I realized that there are people like myself who don’t use letters, money, prestige, or bragging rights as their primary motivators. There are people that are simply interested in doing what they love to do the best way they can. They want to learn, experiment, think, prove, disprove, try, fail and succeed with fresh ideas and proven methods. They are passionate, and it’s that passion that drives them to want to obtain this new certification. It is a way to make them better. When I realized that these were my drivers as well, there was no longer a question about Return on Investment for expended effort.

The application process really isn’t as bad as I thought, though I am admittedly not done with it. However, documentation of my hours over the last ten years has proven to be much easier than expected, and it really made me realize that I had accomplished much in that time frame. Reflecting back on my life as an analyst over time has shown not only growth in knowledge, but a certain maturing of my thought process and self-discipline. Just in the years I’ve spent in my current job, I’ve made huge accomplishments.

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